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I first started to write my YA (young adult) novel JUNE on June 7th, 2006. From that day on, I realized my true calling in life. I feel that I am destined to become a novelist and will do WHATEVER it takes to achieve this goal.

The next summer, when I had finished writing, I began sending out letters to literary agencies and publishing houses. After two years of receiving rejection letters, I have decided to take a new approach in accomplishing my dream.

It all started one day (that's how everything starts, huh?) when I was watching the Oprah Winfrey Show. I decided to check out her site out of mild curiosty. Little did I know, I was to be on that site every day from then on.

It began with a single letter. Then another. Then another. Then.... NINE THOUSAND. (yes, I actually sent 9,000!) It's now May 24th, 2008 and I have sent approximately 9,709 letters asking Oprah to help me publish my novel, JUNE.

Don't get me wrong, I know Oprah isn't a publishing house- but surely she has the connections to publish this!!!! I'll never stop sending these letters- I'm so determined to make this happen. I'll never take my eyes off this goal.

Feel free to also send letters to Oprah asking her to publish Maggie Mahar's novel, JUNE. Or, just sign this petition. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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March 7th, 2009
-I cannot possibly begin to express my gratitude for all of your signatures. I do feel the need to inform you, that after 6 months, I did recieve a phone call from Harpo Studios, however it did not turn out quite as expected. For their protection, I won't quite go into the details (also because I'm a nice person, and don't want you guys to start disliking Oprah or her productions.)
To those who have asked to read some of JUNE, I will gladly post part of the story here, however irrelevent it is to my cause. I would like to note, yes, when you first meet June she's a total snob. She's everything you could hate in a girl. However there is a moral to my story, and June will learn a great life lesson.
And incase anyone was wondering, I'm still working on my novel getting published. Just because one door slammed in my face doesn't mean I have to give up and forget it. JUNE will get published. I know it.
Thanks again,

ps: Formatting isn't correct, obviously (indentations, possible errors, etc). But pretend that it is. Sorry!

June Huntzberger looked in her bedroom mirror, practicing her facial expressions; each one more exaggerated and more pathetic than the next. She needed to convince her mom that going to Colorado was the last thing that she needed to add to her long summer agenda. Mountains, fresh air, and hiking were all things June could in no way, relate to.
June was no ordinary girl. She had a unique face that went well with the rest of her body. She was tall and thin like most of her Californian friends, but had a smile that instantly lit up any room. Her teeth were perfectly proportioned to her face and the perfect shade of movie star white.
Unlike her other friends who were more tan than a cinnamon bagel, June had fair, unblemished skin that, for the most part, made up for any other imperfection she might have.
Her long, brown hair framed her face as she pushed her bangs to the side and continued to practice more facial expressions. She took a moment to glance at her big blue eyes and long black eyelashes; each strand perfectly in line with the next. Needless to say, she fit in flawlessly with the rest of her 90210 neighbors and close friends.
She thought for a moment to splash some cold water on her face, to make it seem like she had just been crying but quickly thought against that plan. She was a good actress no doubt, but it would take a whole lot more than acting to convince her mother that she had other plans for the summer.
Finally, when her face could no longer strain itself, she decided to go downstairs to her mother and give it a good old American go.
She nearly ran down the Huntzberger’s long, dramatic staircase into their equally spectacular kitchen. Mind you, this was no ordinary kitchen. It was the kind of kitchen that a chef could only dream of, fit with tons of high-end appliances and Tiffany silverware.
“Why do I have to go mom?” June said outright in a voice that virtually no mother could resist. She fiddled with her “J” shaped zipper on her green Juicy Couture hoodie as she waited patiently for a response. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and June was definitely having one of those times.
“Sorry honey, but honestly, when was the last time you saw your grandparents?” Larissa, June’s mother, responded. She continued to paint her nails a deep shade of maroon as she sat at the kitchen table.
June paused to reflect on that. It was well over a few years ago and all she remembered was Betty’s floral print grandma dress, and Bill’s way out of style mules. Or, was that them in the first place?
June let her mind explore. This time she thought about how her summer (which was supposed to be filled with shopping, secrets, boys, and more shopping) would now be a thing of the past.
Instead it would be replaced with sitting around watching corny soap operas and eating chunky oatmeal for breakfast. Isn’t that what grandparents do?
June gave up the fight with her mom and searched around their airy family closet, where all their suitcases, shoes, and coats were stored.
She picked and poked around until she finally found her favorite suitcase. It had been a “going away” gift from her friends when she had been jet setting around the world with her parents last summer.
But, this was no ordinary suitcase. It was large and customized to June’s every liking. Really, it only stored on average, a day’s worth of clothing for June. However, it meant the world to her because her friends all chipped in and bought it. She admired the pale pink leather exterior and the luxurious suede inside that always managed to keep her clothes looking and feeling fresh. She zipped it up and wheeled it into the kitchen where Larissa sat, painting her nails with careful precision.
“Is this alright?”
“Definitely not. You’re going to need more luggage than that! We have tons in the closet over there.” She pointed her long, slender fingers to the French doors that had really marked the entrance to a room at one point. But, the Huntzberger’s had long since converted it into a full closet to fit all of their priceless items. “At least, pick out four. You know how you are when you travel. Always packing more than you need” Larissa let out a small laugh.
“But why? I can’t possibly be staying there for that long.”
“Honey, you know the drill. You’re staying in Colorado for the whole summer. And you’re going to have fun! Grandma Betty and Grandpa Bill Huntzberger said they have a bunch of activities planned for you! Plus, you could do with some fresh air.”
Oh Great! June thought. Spending the whole summer without my friends is the worst thing I can think of. Apparently June’s mother had read her mind through her attitude.
“If the worst thing that can happen to you is being separated from your friends for a few months, then you better drop down on your knees and thank God for your wonderful life.” Larissa put the nail polish brush back into its O.P.I bottle and looked at June empathetically. “Think about that for a moment. Okay, sweetheart?”

June knew she couldn’t answer that question with out crying so she raced upstairs with all of her luggage and ran into her room where a tear trickled down her chin.

Sign this petition, and by doing so you'll not only be helping me, but all the other people out there who are also fighting for their dreams.

Let's see how many signatures I can get! : )

Thanks for all of your help and support. Next time you see me, let's hope it's on the Oprah Show!

--- Maggie Mahar

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