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Aberdeenshire Council
United Kingdom

We need your help to increase the size of the proposed Inverurie Campus Pool.
Current proposals for the Inverurie Community Campus Pool to replace the existing pool in Inverurie show a 6 lane pool It would be a missed opportunity not to size the new pool correctly to meet both the existing and future demands for a new pool in Inverurie.

Only an 8 lane pool can full deliver these benefits;
Deliver a comprehensive Learn to Swim programme.
Reduce the HUGE waiting list for children looking for swimming lessons.
Enhancing the overall appeal of Inverurie.
Encourages visitor numbers both locally and further afield.
Catering for the needs of an expanding population, both now and into the future.
Local people can actually use their own pool.
Provides a community facility that Inverurie can be proud of for future generations.
Increases spending in Inverurie area when events are held at the pool.
Attracts people to live in the area.


We, the undersigned, call on Aberdeenshire Council to address the current and future demands on swimming pool provision in Inverurie and provide the local area with an 8 lane facility that will benefit the community as a whole and provide a stimulus to the local economy.

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