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Canon Marketing Department

It would be extremely nice and very helpful if Canon would update firmware on the 5DII and 7D to allow at least 5 frames of AEB, and preferably even 7. This would further differentiate this line from the Rebel and xxD lines.

If it is not a firmware option, then obviously this petition is moot, BUT if it is not, let's get some support behind this concept and send a message to Canon!

We, the undersigned, politely and respectfully request that Canon consider altering the firmware for the 5DII and 7D to at least allow up to 5 frames of AEB.

This would further delineate the 5D/7D from the models below that, and still leave up to 7 for the 1D series. However full support for 3, 5 or 7 would be extremely useful and we would greatly appreciate the flexibility this would bring.

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