#Residential Disputes
3 Tree Flats Owner & Management
United States of America

We, the undersigned residents of 3 Tree Flats, would like access to the rooftop of our building.

From our understanding, when the building first opened, the owner made a "no rooftop access" rule after some kids threw small items over the balcony. That rule was put in place over 6 years ago. Notably, this rule is not included in any of our leases.

We would like the owner to eliminate this rule for the following reasons:

(1) Antiquated, Baseless Rule:
 The "no rooftop access" rule was put in place over 6 years ago. Therefore, it is beyond time to reevaluate the purpose behind this hardline rule. In the past two years, there have been no incidents or accidents reported with the limited access we were given. Therefore, it is established that our residents can occupy the space responsibly.

(2) Building Amenities:
 We pay thousands of dollars for rent, which should include access to ALL amenities, such as the rooftop, a (working) business center, clubhouse, and the fitness center. The diversity of our residents -- mixed income, different ages, tax credits, Section 8 vouchers holders, different racial/ethnicity, etc. -- is no reason to keep residents from accessing this amenity for our enjoyment. The rule itself seems based in unfounded biases and a belief that the residents in this building, for whatever reason, are not responsible enough to have rooftop access.

(3) Children:
 We understand the concern for the safety of children. Therefore, we propose a "no children on the rooftop" rule. This rule would prohibit all children under 18 from accessing or being on the rooftop at anytime. This way, adult residents can still have access. We are also open discussing any other rules to ensure the safety of our residents.

(4) Security & Monitoring:
 We believe that if we start with limited rooftop access hours, we can show property management and the owner that we can be responsible with the rooftop access. Since the building now employs security, we can ask the security guards to check-in on the area during their shifts. During business hours, a property employee can check-in on the area periodically throughout the day.

That said, it is very upsetting that our neighbors at the Fahrenheit, the Swift, Park View, and others, allow their residents to use their rooftop space. Of course, children live in these buildings too, but instead of eliminating access all together, these buildings have simply established appropriate rules and safeguards. Yet, the rooftop space at 3 Tree Flats is simply being wasted. The building architects created rooftop space for our enjoyment - let us enjoy!

We, the undersigned residents of 3 Tree Flats, would like access to the rooftop of our building.

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