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After a decade since we saw a football game released by 2k sports, fans are itching for a new football title from the highly regarded company that makes fluid sports titles with amazing animations and physics. I speak for myself and many others when I say that NFL 2k5 was possibly the greatest football game ever made. The presentation, the game modes, the fluid physics, even the tackling animations are superior than madden 18 a decade later. I have never played a football game with so much replay value. Then you guys released All pro football 2k8 which was even smoother with the same engine as 2k5 but fine tuned. The title may have not had the official NFL license but with the legends integrated and the engine modified to suit the next gen consoles at the time, we laid our eyes on the perfect football game. The only thing that was truly missing was the license of the NFL. I do realize sales for all pro football 2k8 may have not been prominent, but in 2008-2008 ea sports still had some decent market share but with 2k dominating on the other side (basketball) and being regarded higher than ea sports in this current generation, I know you guys can market a football game that would do amazing regardless. Please 2k sports, in a hard effort here, please fight for the NFL license, or at least make another football game. Sports fans and gamers are waiting on one!

In an effort for 2k sports to bring back football the way it should be played, please sign this petition. Anyone is welcome to sign! Hardcore gamers, sports fans, 2k fans, and even madden fans who are tired of repetitive gameplay, please sign! Every single signature counts and will help us reach to 2k.

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