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To: The United States Congress

And to: The State Legislatures of all 50 States

This petition proposes to restore democratic principles and freedoms via a constitutional amendment.

If more than half of the registered voters in the USA sign this online petition, a precedent will be established that demands the Federal and State Governments to acknowledge popular amendment by the people and to take appropriate action on the items mentioned is this 28th Amendment.

The peoples’ rights to popular amendment can not be denied, although this has not been attempted or tested nationwide.

The technology now exists (such as this online petition) to exercise this fundamental right of all US citizens. If more than 84.5 million registered voters sign this petition, history will be made.

We invite each of you who feel strongly about the provisions of this amendment to:

1. Sign this petition.
2. Enter "yes" in the “registered voter” field if you are a registered voter in the USA.
3. Help friends and family members who do not have Internet access to add their vote by sharing the use of your laptop, PC or other Internet device to obtain as many “registered voter” votes as possible.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you.

We the People Folk Group, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

We the People, by the authority granted in the First Amendment, hereby petition the Government to enact this 28th Amendment:

Paragraph 1, Monetary Gifts:

No person seeking election to public office shall accept monetary gifts from any organization of any kind. In support of citizens seeking public office, free media including broadcast time, published printed media, and online server resources shall be equally provided to every candidate. Free media for this purpose shall be amply funded by the government to insure no candidate is denied an equal opportunity to be considered by the public at large. Candidates may not purchase additional media to unbalance the equality of all seeking the same public office. Senators and Representatives shall be paid an adequate salary no less than $500,000 per annum. Senators and Representatives shall not engage in fund-raising activities of any kind.

Paragraph 2, Voting:

The election process is hereby amended to institute open-source voting, whereby all votes are cast in a secure national database, whereby every voter can verify their own vote online, whereby all citizens may write specific computer code to calculate the elections results independently, but shall not be given access to private citizen data, whereby all source code for calculating vote totals must be openly published. Any discrepancy between independent vote counts by any calculation means must be resolved before an election is declared final. The responsibility of maintaining the national voting database system shall that of the General Accounting Office. US citizens shall be able to vote online from home, or work, or at any US Post Office.

Paragraph 3, Elections:

Where three or more candidates are running for the same office, and a 50% majority is not reached by any one, a run-off election must be held between the two candidates with the most votes.

Paragraph 4, Election of President and Vice President:

The majority vote of the people is final. The Electoral College is eliminated.

Paragraph 5, Central Bank:

The Federal Reserve Bank is eliminated and replaced by a Central Government Bank whose currency is backed by precious metal, the minimum amount of which is set by law and the actual amount of which is openly published.

Paragraph 6, National Secrets:

Nothing the Government and its departments and agencies engage in may remain a secret forever. Any technology that has a peaceful quality-of-life civilian benefit may not be held secret for any period of time. Any historical event or occurrence that has worldwide significance to all people may not be classified as secret for national security purposes. The implementation of this provision shall be immediate.

Paragraph 7, Agriculture:

Agriculture: Farms exceeding 1000 acres in size shall receive no subsidies. Independently owned family farms under 1000 acres shall be subsidized by a sliding scale rate, the largest subsidies given to the smallest acreage, and the rate for organic farms set at three times the rate for non-sustainable agricultural practices.

Paragraph 8, Peoples’ Rights:

The rights granted a citizen of the United States shall not be superseded by the rights granted to any other legal entity, including corporations.

Paragraph 9, Minimum Wage:

Minimum wage shall be set at a rate per 40 hour work week that exceeds the national poverty level for a family of 4 by a factor of 1.5.

The Congress shall have the power and responsibility to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this amendment.

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