#Human Rights
International communauty & Secretary-General of the United Nations

Following the electoral fraud of 12 June 2009 in Iran and the repressive measures imposed by the outgoing government of Mahmoud AHMADINEJAD, a worldwide day of protest, IRAN GLOBAL DAY, was organized on the 25 July 2009 in solidarity with the Iranian people in the name of freedom and democracy in Iran and against dictatorship.

The participation of thousands of people around the world was not only a triumph for the Iranian people who thus received the backing of the international community in its struggle against dictatorship, but also a victory for men and women of all origins around the world who, thanks to the Internet and new information technologies, managed to mobilize in the defense of the rights of a repressed people in its struggle against a totalitarian regime that had become a danger to the whole of humanity.

In a global world in which the fate of all individuals, peoples and nations is increasingly interconnected, the defence of human rights of a people living under conditions of tyranny is an issue that concerns us all. United we can act more effectively in the struggle against dictatorship and dictators for peace in the world.

In order to struggle more effectively against totalitarian regimes and support repressed peoples everywhere in their fight for freedom and democracy, we, the undersigned, request that the 25 July be declared ‘International Day Against Dictatorship’ by the United Nations.

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