#Civil Rights
His Excellency Honorable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd),

The recent 2016 Election has created wide spread dissatisfaction among voters due to a variety of reasons:

* Incorrect information cited by the AEC, which when brought to their attention was not corrected. The incorrect information that was provided to voters created unfair disadvantage as described below.

* AEC staff continued to provide incorrect and confusing information to voters even after they were requested to streamline this information and requested to ensure that all AEC staff were giving out the same corrected information.

* Reports of AEC staff assisting non English speaking voters who also could not read the names of the Partys with how to vote due to lack of interpreters or specially designated polling Booths for migrants.

* Voters across all States have reported that their names were missing of the Roll although they had not moved out of the Electorate.

* Reported widely across the country that Polling booths had run out of ballot papers therefore voters had to be turned away and were unable to cast a vote.

*Incorrect ballot papers at incorrect electorates.

* Reports of Ballot papers for the wrong Electorates handed out to voters.

* Illegal text messages purporting to be sent from Medicare as part of the Labor scare/smear campaign linked to a Labor Party family member, who is employed by the Labor partys digital department.

* Numerous Booths reporting party supporters harassing and intimidating voters and abusing voters from other partys. for the rest to an extra dot... The 6 metre Rule ignored by Party supporters putting voters safety at risk.

* Unregistered groups impersonating themselves as a Political Party, wearing their organisation t-shirts handing out their own 'how-to-vote cards' with their own favored preferences.

It has now been confirmed that Labor MP Wayne Swan's daughter was responsible for the "MEDICARE SCARE CAMPAIGN".
Quote from article in The Australian,
"Three weeks earlier, Erinn Swan, head of digital at ALP campaign headquarters in Melbourne and the daughter of former treasurer Wayne Swan, had come up with a good idea. She could hardly have known that it would disrupt the Turnbull campaign’s economic mantra: “We have a plan.” Nor that it would help derail Turnbull’s smooth path to power. Or that it would expose weaknesses in the Liberal headquarters and suck almost two weeks out of the Prime Minister’s campaign.

Erinn Swan’s good idea would become Labor’s campaign motif — right up to judgment day. Swan’s digital team had wanted to create a digital ad warning that the Coalition would wreck Medicare — after all, it was already looking to outsource some backroom functions. Protecting Medicare had already been on the grid of ­issues Labor deployed to attack Turnbull. But if it could get former prime minister Bob Hawke to front the ad, well, it just might fly....."


It is obvious the system is in disarray and a task force is required to address the many issues associated with the voting process.


It is my duty to keep you informed as to MY WILL on any matter that comes
before the Parliament or should come before the Parliament.

It is a matter of sheer urgency and importance that the Governor General intervene in the matter in which the Australian Electoral Commission failed in it’s duty to give clear and concise voting instructions.

WE are deeply concerned by the confusion caused by incorrect information circulated by the AEC on voting instruction, which continued to be circulated even when the AEC was made aware of the errors.

Several voting locations failed to provide voters with the required ballot papers as they had run out, being "signed off as attempting to vote". The voter therefore denied the opportunity and the right to vote.

The Labor Party Queensland office sent text messages to voters stating the LNP would be making changes to Medicare etc.. This constitutes a clear breech of election guidelines and is Misleading material. It is an offence during the relevant period in relation to an election to print, publish or distribute, or cause, permit or authorise to be printed, published or distributed, any matter or thing that is likely to mislead or deceive an elector in relation to the casting of the elector’s vote.

This is totally unacceptable and must be addressed. The democratic rights of Australians are being ignored and abused and it is unconstitutional and immoral.

WE implore the Governor General to intervene and to call a new election and prosecute those who are guilty of abusing and ignoring the laws in place to protect the rights of voters as a matter of urgency.

The 2016 Federal Election has numerous inconsistencies which cast doubt over the legitimacy of the election. We the people humbly request the Governor General intercede and call for a re-election.

We thank you for your time and consideration to address the inadequacies, oversights, corruption and manipulation. Unless these issues are addressed urgently we are fearful of seeing further eroding of the Election protocols and processes of our great country and the peoples democratic right to vote freely and without hindrance.

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