President Obama and the Inaugural Committee
United States of America

Petition was started on the suggestion of the public in response to a Veterans Day poem posted on Yahoo on November 11th.

We, the undersigned call on President Obama and the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies to have the poem "Remember Me" by James Cole read at the 2013 Inaugural as a tribute to Veterans past and present. The poem is listed below.

From the cold of Valley Forge to the Deserts of Kandahar, remember me.

From the Battle of Verdun to the Battle for Baghdad, remember me.

From the steaming jungles surrounding Hamburger Hill to the Battle of the Bulge, remember me.

From the Chosin Reservoir to the Hills surrounding Gettysburg, remember me.

When you vote, remember me.

When you rise up against tyrany, remember me.

When you speak your mind freely, remember me.

When you bow your head to pray, remember me.

Shed not one tear for me for I served out of love, the love of my country, the love of the freedom we all enjoy just, remember me.

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The 2013 Inaugural Poem petition to President Obama and the Inaugural Committee was written by James Cole and is in the category Patriotism at GoPetition.