Chicago, Illinois State and US Governments
United States of America

Are you ready to transform Chicago?

We’ll take that as a yes! Our mission is to give Chicago 100% free wireless internet. Become informed and sign the petition now if you believe you, residents, tourists, businesses, the CTA, the 2016 Olympics or anyone else in Chicago will benefit from:

• Free wireless internet throughout the city.

• Free instant access to updated weather, news, date, time and stock market information.

• Free walking and CTA directions and location lookup with the option of sending results to your cellular phone.

• Instant public announcements such as Chicago City events, Amber Alerts, homeland security updates, oncoming emergency vehicle information and more.

• Advertisements that can be quickly edited and changed to get the best ROI for customers.

Now you’re most likely thinking one of two things:

I want to learn more about this 100% free wireless internet thing.


Rock on! I want 100% free wireless internet in Chicago right now.

If you thought the first then we suggest taking a look at our website freeinternetchicago.com. If you thought the second then you rock and sign the petition now.

We, the undersigned, believe that Chicago will benefit from the plans and designs shown at freeinternetchicago.com.

We urge the Chicago, Illinois State and US Governments to allow these plans and designs to become part of Chicago.

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