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On September 8, 2018 tennis legend Serena Williams played in the U.S open finals against challenger Naomi Osaka. In what promised to be a great game, Osaka defeated Williams to claim her surprise championship win. However, her win was underminded by William's less than respectable attitude. This temper came about after Serena's coach was caught giving her signs from the audience, an act that is forbidden in U.S open rulebook. The coach later stated that he in fact did give his pupil signs from the crowd. Later, after being docked a point, Serena proceeded to break her racket and threaten the judge with statements such as "You will never be on a court of mine again." Later on at a press conference, Serena falsely accused the judge of being sexist, claiming that if it was a guy nothing would have happened. This statement is not true as Djokovic was penalized for a smaller infraction. Also, out of the 32 total code violations at the 2018 U.S Open, 23 of them were against men. If you factor in Serena's behavior in past years such as threatening to shove a tennis ball down a linesman's throat, this behavior must result in a punishment for Williams.

We, the undersigned, call on the ITF and partner USTA to analyze the aforementioned facts and suspend Williams from participating in the 2019 U.S. Open for her blatant sabatoge of cheating and the ruination of Osaka's happiness at winning the 2018 U.S Open. This is not the first time these outbursts have happened and we believe she must be dealt with accordingly.

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