On September 1st, 2007, the show "I guess, I guess" openly insulted anime and manga fans around the world. Rather than exploring the true nature of Anime as the show originally claimed to be, the show was focused on insulting the guest fans and harshly making them appear as outcasts and geeks. Though I am sure an English or Japanese subtitled version of that day's broadcast will surface in youtube soon, let me summarize the number of remarks made during the show.

1. Anime fans are criminals who doesn't deserve to live in this world.
They are dirty, unintelligent and they don't fit in the society.

2. When the guests try to defend themselves by adding comments that
they do have social circle, have a job and girl friend. The producer simply erased those clips in order to make them stay as geekish as possible.

3. The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi(Published by Kadokawa.) was portrayed by the host of the show, Jacky Wu as a pronographic novel about high school prostitutes. As he holds up the novel of Suzumiya Haruhi and reads out loud, he made up a fake story about two high school girls abducted and sexually molested.

The show consist of Jacky Wu and the disastrous "Hei Ser Huei MeiMei"(Horrible failed copycats of Morning Musume). Jacky Wu had been known for making ignorant public opionions for years. This time he had gone too far. The concept of the shows he hosts are mainly stolen straight from Japanese media. "I guess, I guess" being one of them.

We are here demanding an open apology from the Producer, the host Jacky Wu, and the stupid be-atches who claimed anime fans are criminals who doesn't deserve to live. In our opinion, they are the as-holes who doesn't deserve to live in this world. Please support the Taiwanese fans. Feel free to leave your comments here! =)

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