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Nobody likes getting parking fines and we definitely hate paying for them. What makes it worse is when your fine is not only due to a ridiculously outdated reason but the price of the penalty that goes with it is equally ludicrous.

Many local residents in Sydney’s suburbs have experienced the shock of finding a $197 (the current penalty in 2010) on their windscreens or in their mailboxes for parking, according to the brilliance, too close to the intersection. 10 meters is apparently sufficient space needed for a driver to prepare to turn into an adjacent street. 10 meters is also, unfortunately, the length of two cars or who are desperate to get a spot close to their homes and not have to walk half a street after a hard days work. It’s time to stop this unfounded parking law and the revenue raising scams of local councils!

We the people undersigned, call on the local council and the RTA to revoke the current 'Stop within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights' fine in residential areas and reassess the necessity of a 10 meter limit and determine a more lenient penalty.

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