Supporting Apple Technology And The Great Advancements They Have Made These Past Years.

Apple is just the best thing to happen in our lives.

This petition is more of a pledge or guest book for all of you faithful Apple owners.

Whether you own an Apple computer, an iPod, or any other gadget Apple came out with or will come out with, sign this petition to encourage others to purchase Apple computers, inspire the people behind the technology, and to just show your support for the BEST computer company.

No, this is not a hate letter to Microsoft, nor do we intend to debate with you old school PC users because Apple is so much better.

Keywords: iPhone's, iPod's, iPod Touch, MacBook's, MacBook Pro's, and any other Apple Product!

We, the undersigned, pledge our respect and support for Apple technology and wish to inspire the people behind the technology and just show our support for the BEST computer company.

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