Florida: Many homeowners are simply fed up with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. One homeowner, Carrie Mateos is taking action. She claims that Fannie & Freddie are simply burying homeowners further and further underwater while, at least in Florida,  the courts have been bogged down with foreclosures some taking over 3 years. This has driven down property values in many neighborhoods.

Why won't Ed DeMarco help these homeowners? Mateos claims that records show that if the GSE's, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac offered principal reductions to homeowners who truly want to save their home (both currentor delinquent on their mortgage), this would save billions in the long run.

Mateos claims she is just trying to help herself and millions of Americans having to deal with Fannie Mae & Freddie not allowing principal reductions, Americans who are losing their homes. She laments, "I mean  why would they offer a homeowner the option to short sell at fair market value  versus offering them a loan modification at fair market value."

Out of frustration, she commenced a petition with GoPetition with the following text:

"WE THE PEOPLE request that President Obama replace Ed DeMarco and allow the GSE's Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to allow true / fair help to the homeowners. We want an affordable loan modification or refinance to include principal reductions across the board for ALL homeowners who are Underwater (meaning they owe way more than their house is worth due to the banks and mortgage fraud).

ALL homeowners meaning current and delinquent should all be allowed to receive help as long as it shows how they are underwater and purchased their home befor January 1, 2008 during the housing bubble. Our economy is at a stand still and the people can not afford to spend money elsewhere when they are worried about providing shelter for their families.

HELP ! We can make a difference together !"


Story by GoPetition