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President Obama has an important opportunity during the next congressional recess to help millions of homeowners with one simple step: replacing the man who's holding back the housing recovery with someone actually willing to help homeowners and taxpayers.

I signed a petition encouraging him to take the bold step of replacing Edward DeMarco, acting head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, with someone who'll do the right thing for the economy and the 12 million families who are in danger of losing their home.

Fannie should allow principal reductions on ALL homeowners who are underwater both current and delinquent.

Why do the banks send you a letter decling a loan modification and then go on to offer for you to short sale it for market value to someone else instead of giving you a loan modification at market value?

Ed DeMarco must go !
Can you join me

WE THE PEOPLE request that President Obama replace Ed DeMarco and allow the GSE's Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to allow true / fair help to the homeowners.

We want an affordable loan modification or refinance to include principal reductions across the board for ALL homeowners who are underwater (meaning they owe way more than their house is worth due to the banks and mortgage fraud).

ALL homeowners, meaning current and delinquent, should all be allowed to receive help as long as it shows how they are underwater and purchased their home befor January 1, 2008 during the housing bubble.

Our economy is at a stand still and the people can not afford to spend money elsewhere when they are worried about providing shelter for their families.

HELP! We can make a difference together!

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