London, UK: An important canine welfare campaign has been launched by Jez Rose, a leading canine and wolf behaviour specialist. Jez is heading up the national campaign to make owning and living with dogs more enjoyable and safer, for dog owners and the general public alike.

Jez has embarked on making a difference to the relationship we share with our canine friends on a national scale and needs your support. With the help and endorsement of celebrities, veterinary surgeons, the general public and organisations across the UK, Jez is lobbying local and national Government to act to prevent future dog attacks rather than destroying the dog after the incident and promote responsible dog ownership to reduce the amount of dog fouling.

Every year 200,000 people are attacked by dogs in the UK. In excess of 100 people attend UK hospitals each week due to dog bites, a figure that has increased in the last 10 years by 66%. At the same time Keep Britain Tidy calculates that around 60% of UK dog owners do not pick up their dog’s faeces. Furthermore, the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association report that an average of 3 guide dogs every month are attacked by other dogs on British streets.

Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s successful campaign for school dinners, Jez wants to encourage responsible dog ownership, to reduce the incidence of dog attacks and the amount of dog fouling left in public spaces. “The focus needs to be on prevention and encouraging dog owners to be more responsible and accountable – most dog attacks are preventable.”

Jez insists “local and central Government need to develop a five-year strategy to prevent future attacks as opposed to destroying dogs when they do. We create the dogs that we live with – any dog can be dangerous but on the whole they are not. In my behaviour practice, owners frequently present problems with their dogs caused largely by a lack of early socialisation or ineffective training methods. When behaviour results in aggression it is commonly due to fear and in most cases easily resolved with the correct training.” For some, however, it is too late: the dog attacks and it is destroyed.

An exponent and student of acclaimed animal behaviourist and veterinarian Dr Ian Dunbar, Jez has been documenting dog attacks for the past three years and believes Government action is long overdue. “I have written many letters to MPs and the Prime Minister and not once received a reply – the solutions are straightforward, so I decided to take matters into my own hands”. Jez believes that education is the key. “Dogs need to be socialised early on in puppyhood, critically between 6 and 13 weeks and receive obedience training to teach the dog which behaviours are acceptable.

The recent wave of forceful dog training measures does not help create balanced, calm dogs”. Jez is calling on veterinary practices, businesses and individuals to show their support by displaying the campaign logo, linking to the website and becoming a fan on facebook, and signing the official petition at GoPetition. More information and the campaign’s manifesto are at:

John Pope, for GoPetition