#Animal Rights
The Prime Minister, Number 10
United Kingdom

Every year 200,000 people are attacked by dogs in the UK. In addition, Keep Britain Tidy calculates that around 60% of UK dog owners do not pick up their dog’s faeces.

Furthermore, the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association report that an average of 3 guide dogs every month are attacked by other dogs on British streets.

Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s successful campaign to change atittudes towards school dinners, canine behaviour specialist Jez Rose is leading a national campaign to encourage education in responsible dog ownership and reduce the incidence of dog attacks and amount of dog fouling left in public spaces.

Despite widespread media reporting on fatal dog attacks, more children and adults are injured or killed by things such as balloons and slippers than dogs - and more children die by the hand of their own parents than from attacks by dogs. With the correct training and education, dogs and dog owners - and the general public alike - can enjoy our canine friends without fear or malice. It is widely believed by canine professionals and researchers alike that 99.9% of the dogs euthanised due to aggression secondary to behaviour problems are preventable. This means that, through education and effective training, we can put an end to these perfectly predictable and preventable attacks.

We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister to support an effective and efficacious strategy to educate dog owners and the general public in the importance of education in responsible dog ownership, to help reduce the number of preventable dog attacks and the amount of dog fouling in public spaces, to greatly benefit society by ensuring dogs continue to be man's best friend.

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