Perth, Australia: It has been 951 days since the devastating impact of the Fukushima catastrophe and every day an average of 400 tonnes of radioactive water is systematically dumped into the Pacific Ocean devastating our food chain.

Largely the general public remains unaware that there is an existing monitoring program for foods from Japan. The program has reported that there have been ceasium contaminated foods imported from Japan and other effected prefectures.

According to a report from FSNAZ titled "Food Inspection Scheme", how often food is being tested is based on risk assessment and information gathered on different foods. The report admits that some contaminated foods may have been consumed.

Internationally renowned anti nuclear physician and author Helen Caldicott  says there is no safe limit of consuming radionuclides as they are cumulative and cause cancer. The solution to pollution is not dilution but the Australian food regulators continue to dilute contaminated food with other food.

We are in a cancer epidemic and cancer rates are increasing and will get worse when the radioactive Pacific plume reaches Australia while Australians continue to consume contaminated food from America, China and the  Pacific Ocean.

Australian consumers need protecting and the monitoring program for  imported foods from Japan needs to be stricter and not based on computer generated data. Australian children and the public are at risk.

A stance can be made by signing the petition "Fukushima Import Food Awareness" at

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Modified by GoPetition from a news release by: Kylie Fitzwater, campaign organiser for Fukushima Import food Awareness

Pic: Fukushima radiation paths. This computer projection shows the estimated extent of the Fukushima spill's plume of radioactive water in 2014. The extent of U.S. coastal waters is indicated by a black line, with a black box enclosing Hawaii. Source: