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Department of Agriculture: Import foods Monitoring Program

Fukushima is dumping 400 tonnes of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean everyday. (Google Helen Caldicott). The plumes have contaminated agricultural areas in the Northern hemisphere and our oceans and foods Chain.

These radionuclides are contaminating our bodies. At current the governments solution to polution is dilution. No amount of radionuclides are safe they are cumulative.Testings are computer generated and therefore inconsistant.

We have all been educated on the adverse effects on our bodies and we are in a cancer epidemic we need tougher restrictions and regulations (than those that are already in place)Label our foods and alert the public of potential risks and the levels of radionuclides in imported foods. Even if they are considered small amounts. Australians have the right to know.



We the parents and caretakers of the world call on the Australian Government (DOA) to provide true and current information to the consumers of Australia about the levels of radionuclides we are consuming from goods from Japan and other effected prefectures such as the Pacific Ocean, America, China and Europe.

Currently the monitoring program only tests a select few items (refer to provided link) that previously tested positive.

We demand more regular and current testing from krill and Omega 3 oil, baby formula, Sushi bars, seafood outlets, juices, fruit, rice, and seaweed. The list goes on.

Time to get serious Department of Agriculture. Today.

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