California: The tiny Forks of Salmon Post Office located in the Six Rivers National Forest has been on the budgetary chopping block for some time. Even though congressmen obtained a postponement of the closing of many post office facilities across the country last December, the pressure to force closures has been real.

Forks of Salmon Post Office Saved from ClosureCongressman Mike Thompson said the closures would force seniors “to wait longer for prescription drugs and Social Security checks, while isolating rural communities. Consolidating processing facilities would put the jobs of hundreds of hard working men, women and their families on the chopping block, and in this economy losing those jobs in our community is something we can’t afford.”

Nearly 4000 post offices and other facilities across the country have been subject to an evaluation process in a massive overhaul of the entire Postal Services system.

In reponse to the porposed closure, local campaigners petitioned in support of the Forks of Salmon Post Office 96031, CA. Campaign organizer, Tina Bennett, drafted a petition to Lisa Giannetta, Manager Post Office Operations, as follows:

"We, the citizens and customers of Forks of Salmon Post Office, 96031 CA, hereby protest any change in the present status of our post office. It is our desire to keep our post office at it present status - a United States post office operated by a Postmaster.

We have many concerns, among them the sanctity of the mail and the inconvenience your proposal presents to us in delivering and sending the mail, particularly accountable mail.

We are especially concerned effect you proposed action would have regarding the purchased of postal money orders.

The Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 calls for providing a maximum degree of effective and regular postal service to rural areas, communities and small towns where post offices that are not financially self-sustaining.

We do not feel your proposals meet these criteria."

In response to the campaign the organizers received good news. On Friday, April 20, 2012 the group were informed that the United States Postal Services had  taken the Forks of Salmon Post Office OFF their shut down list.

In a note to GoPetition, the campaign organizer, Tina Bennett, comments, "I'm very glad I found GoPetition. I feel that the petition made everyone who was concerned about our post office empowered to voice their thoughts and support. My rating for your service is 10/10! Thanks once again."

Congratulations to those involved with the campaign.

Reported by: John Pope, GoPetition

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