CBS/AP have reported that Google is phasing out a service that allows millions of people to personalize its home page with applications such as weather updates and stock quotes.


The customization service, known as iGoogle, will be turned off in November 2013. Google Inc. disclosed its plans this week. It's being swept out as part of a periodic housecleaning that has seen Google scrap more than 30 products or services since co-founder Larry Page became CEO 15 months ago.

"With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time, so we'll be winding down iGoogle on November 1, 2013, giving you a full 16 months to adjust or easily export your iGoogle data," the company said on support page.

According to the CBS report, the scheduled termination will come eight years after Google first offered the personalization. It had been seen as a way to encourage people to return to Google often for information they are interested in. It also encouraged more people to create Google accounts, which made it easier for the company to identify their individual interests.

In response to Google's new policy a campaign has been launched at GoPetition by John Ross, an iGoogle supporter. His petition is clear:

"We respectfully ask that Google not kill off iGoogle.

If Google is replacing iGoogle with another product we would like to know a little about that product so we can plan accordingly.

If we are forced to use other web-portals such as or Yahoo we will be far more likely to use their search engines and their services as well."

Time will tell if Google will modify or review their retraction policy.

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John Pope for GoPetition