A "user" refers to any individual, apart from the site operators and owners, who loads any material to or from the GoPetition server.

A "member" is someone who has opened an account with GoPetition. All members are site "users".

Disclaimer specifics:

1. (a) The opinions expressed by the petitions created on this site do not reflect the opinions of GoPetition, its employees, or its sponsors. They are the opinions of the petitions' creators. GoPetition does not represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, legality or reliability of any material posted by Users. GoPetition is a quasi-blog site and is not responsible for the content loaded by members onto the site. GoPetition cannot monitor all site content due to the sheer volume of member submissions, however GoPetition will take any complaint seriously and review all legitimate complaints. GoPetition will also engage in moderation techniques that are outlines in our Terms of Use.

1. (b) As a quasi-blog site, content at GoPetition is predominantly member based. GoPetition does not and cannot review all content. GoPetition does NOT guarantee that a petition has either been reviewed or moderated because content posting may be automatic. GoPetition does not warrant its review processes in any way. Moreover, members will indemnify GoPetition in relation to any legal action involving that member's content regardless of whether that content has been reviewed or moderated (by GoPetition) or not.

2. If any petition uses a trademark, this trademark is the property of its owner and must be used with permission.

3. GoPetition is not responsible for the conduct of its users and members. GoPetition cannot monitor all site content but will review sample content according to our Terms of Use.

4. Users are not allowed to use our services in any manner that violates the law.

5. GoPetition cannot guarantee that a user's petition will forever be available on this site.

6. GoPetition is not responsible for any damages caused by our services. All our services are provided without any warranties.

7. GoPetition is not responsible for any damages caused by an outage of our services.

8. GoPetition reserve the right to remove any petitions / delete a user's account at our own discretion, anytime, without notice and without reasons. GoPetition reserves the right to expel Users and prevent their further access to the website.

9. GoPetition reserves the right to change the prices of any of our services with no prior notice.

10. GoPetition reserves the right to shut down this website or any of its services with no prior notice and no explanation.

11. Users of our system must abide to the conditions set out in this disclaimer in order to use our system. Use of our system implies acceptance of this disclaimer.

12. We reserve the right to edit the disclaimer at any time without any notice.

13. GoPetition reserve the right to close ANY petition at any time without notice. GoPetition reserve the right to close ANY petition at any time without reasons.

14. GoPetition in its absolute discretion may release member contact and other identifying details to third parties without notice to the member. This clause may be invoked, for example, when GoPetition forms an opinion that the release of such information is fair, equitable or may help in a legitimate legal investigation, criminal or civil.

15. This disclaimer shall be governed by the law of and protections afforded by the Supreme Court of California to blog sites against claims for libel or copyright infringement. This website is not liable for any such infringements in relation to materials uploaded by members. Redress against member content lies with direct claims against members/authors, not this website.

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