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Latest Petitions

  • Support the Bennie Hargrove Gun Safety Act!

    The shooting death of 13-year-old Bennie Hargrove in New Mexico by one of his schoolmates prompted Representative Pamelya Herndon to…

    Signatures: 12

  • Support Petersham Nurseries


    Signatures: 5,924

  • Sky Blues Badge Re-installment

    The Wasps Rugby club took over Coventry City Football club and one of the hurtful things they did, was the…

    Signatures: 1

  • Don't "Drag" Down Cottonwood!

    As the citizens of Cottonwood, Arizona, and its surrounding communities within the Verde Valley, we have learned that the City…

    Signatures: 1,279

  • Save the Church of the Holy Spirit of Barcelona Spain

    In December of 2021 the bishop of Barcelona signed with a private university a document to transfer the terrain where…

    Signatures: 117

  • No Forced Consolidation of AMI Cities

    Once upon a time, there was a sleepy, undiscovered island. In the early 20th Century, development began. Folks started taking…

    Signatures: 11

  • Stop Nuclear Deal with Iran and introduce visa ban on people linked to Islamic regime in Iran

    The Islamic regime of Iran is killing innocent people, who are asking for basic human rights such as women's equal…

    Signatures: 78

  • Listen to Philadelphia's 65,000 Charter Families!

    The Mayor of Philadelphia appoints the Philadelphia School Board which, amongst other responsibilities, authorizes Philadelphia's charter schools, of which there…

    Signatures: 2,425

  • Re-launch The Royal Air Maroc Direct flight from Boston to Casablanca

    Every season of travel, the Moroccans of Massachusetts and its surrounding states live the trouble of traveling to New York…

    Signatures: 55

  • Lemminkäinen Temple; Finnish cultural and spiritual heritage; A call for guarantees of Public access and transparency

    We are expressing deep concern over the impending sale of the Temple of Lemminkäinen, a site of significant spiritual and…

    Signatures: 5


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The petition result was disappointing but I am sure that was as a result of lethargy and the feeling by previous supporters that the Noosa Council will never be able to achieve any major changes to the Noosa River. David H. - Apr 6 2018
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