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We Want The MS Society To Use Our Money To Fund CCSVI Research

This petition was published by Alan Klingensmith on Jan 15, 2010


New research conducted by Dr Zamboni in Italy has shed new light on this nightmare disease, for decades it has been believed that MS is a autoimmune disease but Zamboni has proved that it is actually a vascular disease. Over 500 MS patients have been tested and all have shown deformities in their Jugular veins. No one in the control groups had the deformities.

Doctors in Italy, The US and Poland have carried out procedures on dozens of MS patients, where stents are placed in the Jugular veins to allow the free movement of blood to the brain. Those who have undergone the procedure report miraculous improvement in their condition.

We have raised millions of dollars for MS research. We want the money to also be in support of this idea.

Sign the petition if you believe that funds raised for MS research should go to ALL ideas, especially the ideas that seem to be working towards a cure for multiple sclerosis.

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