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1. نعم لقانون عقوبات فلسطيني رادع

الغاء وتجميد العمل بالمادة #99 من قانون العقوبات رقم (16 (لسنة 1960 في قضايا قتل النساء

Stop violence and injustice against Palestinian women.

2. Uzalilishaji wa wanawake kwenye mitandao

kumekuwa na wingi wa matukio ya uzalilishaji wa wanawake kwenye mitandao ya kijamii picha zinazoonyesha wakiwa watupu,wakipigwa wakibakwa na kunyanyaswa.
Kinachosikitisha ni wanaofanya matukio kama haya kutochukuliwa hatua.

3. For women, economic justice is a civil rights issue

I am doing this for a project. It is to promote women to get more jobs and equal pay.

We should do this because women are essential to each household, business and the economy at large.

4. Public Inquiry into Yarl's Wood IRC

Shut Down Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.

End systematic abuse – including sexual abuse - & the denial of human rights.

We Demand a Full Public Inquiry into Yarl's Wood IRC

Women detainees and ex-detainees have been coming forward to speak out about the abuse they suffered and witnessed, and to demand redress. The racist and sexist regime, of legal, psychological and physical abuse which women frequently describe as mental torture at Yarl's Wood, has been covered up for far too long. The women imprisoned in Yarl’s Wood are systematically set up for abuse by the fact that they are treated as liars, who must prove themselves truthful whilst being detained indefinitely.

By law the ‘burden of proof’ in the asylum & immigration system means they are guilty until proven innocent. The women in Yarl’s Wood have between them successfully escaped every kind of abuse and violence that women commonly face around the world – rape, sexual abuse, forced marriage, Female Genital Mutilation, trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse, anti-gay persecution. It is known that violence against women and girls is common worldwide. Yet their claims are routinely disbelieved, and their credibility attacked. Is it any surprise that they be targeted for sexual abuse by guards in detention? The sexual abuse and its cover-up that was publicly exposed by The Observer (14/09/13) are the inevitable products of this regime.

The public exposure of sexual abuse has come about because of the strength of a detainee who refused to be silent. There are many more ready to follow.

Enough is enough. Abuse in Yarl's Wood is not merely the result of a few bad guards; it is the result of a system and is the Government's responsibility.

1. We demand that Yarl's Wood detention centre is SHUT DOWN

2. A full Public Inquiry into the sexual and other forms of abuse at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre.

3. Present and former detainees and their supporters must have the choice to give evidence in public.

4. EVERY aspect of the system that makes the sexual abuse possible must be exposed to public scrutiny. Nothing less is acceptable.

5. Present and former Yarl's Wood detainees MUST NOT BE DEPORTED. They are ALL potential witnesses.

6. There must be NO reprisals or discrimination against anyone giving evidence

Women of Yarls Wood Speak Out from Movement for Justice on Vimeo.

(Endorsements so far, please msg to add your name):

Yarl's Wood Movement for Justice Group
Leeds MFJ Group
Manchester MFJ Group
Lee Jasper (Co Chair of BARAC and National Black Members Officer for Respect Party UK)
Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts (BARAC)
NCADC National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
Virtual Migrants
Hands Off Somalia
Justice for Women
Women Asylum Seekers Together (Manchester)
RAPAR (Refugee & Asylum Seeker Participatory Action Research)
John McDonnell MP
South Yorkshire Migration & Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG)
Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group Wales


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5. Maimuna Must Stay. Asylum Now, Not FGM!

Maimuna Must Stay!

Grant Asylum Now – FGM is torture – stop deporting women into the hands of their oppressors.

Maimuna Jawo, from The Gambia, is a committed fighter for women’s rights, and a leader in the Movement for Justice. Back home she is the next in line to follow her mother and grandmother in the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) – circumcision - after her mother died prematurely. Maimuna made the bold decision to leave the country because it was the only way she to make sure she could not be forced to carry out FGM on the girls and young women of her village. While Maimuna is gone, the village elders have no one to do FGM, and a long list of girls are being saved from the torture of being blindfolded, and fully conscious, while their gentials are cut away.

Stopped from going to school, she was given no choice about her future. For years she had to assist and witness cutting - it is a torture that she refuses to carry out.

The British government equalities minister speaking in July 2012 stated: 'Female Genital Mutilation is an abhorrent crime and we are very clear that those found to practice it should feel the full force of the law. As a government, we are also working with UK and international agencies to help prevent women and girls being subjected to this horrific practice.'
The Home Office website declares 'In the UK, it is estimated that up to 24,000 girls under the age of 15 are at risk of female genital mutilation.'

YET Maimuna – a would-be practitioner who is preventing FGM by refusing to do it – has been denied asylum, brushed off, and could soon be sent back, at the discretion of the British Home Office, to be forced to cut girls putting more lives at risk.

Maimuna has prevented FGM in the most effective way possible because she has removed the option of FGM and strengthened every woman who did not want FGM for themselves or their daughter. When Maimuna went to the UKBA to claim asylum they immediately detained her, rushed her case through on fast-track in a constant state of vulnerability without any realistic chance to gather evidence, and with no serious attention to the truth about FGM, or how it is done, or the society in which it is carried out, Maimuna’s case was refused in a month. The Judge at appeal referred to the clothes Maimuna wore in her passport photo as being proof against her while a letter of threat from the village elders demanding Maimuna return was dismissed.

The elders – the drivers of FGM are absolutely serious about protecting and continuing the practice in a changing world. For them to get women who have experienced the torture themselves to keep bringing their daughters forward, they must provide a practitioner who belongs and is accountable to the village and tribe, has trained for many years, and is therefore trusted by the mothers. Anything less would provide a reason to refuse FGM. Those who are ambivalent could firmly refuse FGM without invoking the problems they would face by objecting directly. Losing the confidence of the mothers in their practitioner endangers the practice itself.

Maimuna’s absence is a problem the elders have tried to solve by increasing threats of punishment and harassment of her family. If sent back to The Gambia she would have to face the elders again, and no police or state body would protect a defiant woman who has gone against her elders – this would undermine the system. The elders are the source of authority in the villages and tribes, they settle the disputes, they are the law, and if they cannot force her to give in, they could kill her.

6. FREE ADERONKE - Yarl's Wood freedom fighter

Enough is enough! Aderonke Apata is a leader and fighter for women from all over the world and we stand together.

With a deep belief and care for the rights of women to liberty, dignity and respect, Aderonke - a lesbian woman from Nigeria - helped women know how to fight for their rights in Yarl’s Wood. A group of gay women including Aderonke, started a Movement for Justice group to bring women together – lesbian and straight – to tell the world the truth about the brutality of detention, the denial of justice, the mental torture, the lack of real healthcare.

In October 2012 the women witnessed a detainee (Chirstine N) being dragged by male guards screaming and naked through the corridors to be deported. It lead to a protest, in which the a mass meeting was called in the canteen, and Adreonke read out the demands the MFJ group had drafted. The demands told about the terrible conditions in Yarl's Wood, the lack of justice, and added the demand for Christine's return from the airport, and were voted for unanimously. Women in the canteen, and more who were held in the corridors outside - over 200 - took this stand for the dignity and humanity of all.

Aderonke has since been beaten, and moved to a prison on no charge, to separate her from the other women and disrupt their unity.

In Yarl’s Wood there are women of every background: gay and straight, young and old, disabled or ill, pregnant, trafficked, raped, tortured, beaten, forced into marriage, mothers and grand mothers. Being sent back to home countries means being sent into the hands of oppressors and abusers, it is a death sentence.

7. 100 million men pledge to honor women in India

We want the Indian media to publish the names of all men who will sign this pledge so that our culture can be changed in a positive way.

8. Free Negar Monazami

Negar Monazami: Prisoner of the day; Arrested on International Women's Day.

hra-news: Basij forces arrested Negar Monazami, 29, on 8 March 2011, during street protests commemorating the International Women's Day. She was first transferred to Security Police and later taken to Evin Prison. She was released on bail 28 days later.

Branch 28 of Tehran Revolutionary Court, with Judge Moghisseh presiding, sentenced Negar Monazami to 14 months in prison and 75 lashes.

Monazami was arrested again on 13 June 2011 in order to start serving her prison term. Several days after her arrest, her family learned that she was inside Intelligence Ministry's Ward 209 at Evin Prison. Monazami received her flogging sentence immediately after her June arrest. According to a 10 October 2011 report, for unknown reasons, Monazami remained inside Ward 209 four months after her arrest, and the authorities refused to provide her family with any information about her situation or allow her to visit with them.

Monazami was reportedly born in prison in 1983, as her parents were both political prisoners at the time of her birth.Her father, Saeed Monazami, a Constitutionalist, was executed in 1988 during the mass executions of political prisoners in Iranian prisons.

from Ghormeh Sabzi

9. Petition Calling for Ken Clarke to be Dismissed as Justice Secretary of the UK Government

UK Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has declined to apologise after he suggest that some rapes were less serious than others, and showed almost total ignorance of UK law on 'Date Rape' in a BBC interview viewed here

During the live BBC Broadcast on Radio 5 (Wednesday 18th May), Mr Clarke gave in an interview about proposals under consultation to halve jail terms for people who plead guilty early, including rapists.

He showed complete ignorance of the legal definition of 'rape', which is completely unacceptable in a Government Minister in charge of legislation and directing sentencing policies.

Asked if he had been ordered to apologise following the row, Mr Clarke said he had not - and he had not apologised: "I apologise if an impression has been given which is not my view and which I don't think I stated."

10. Save Mrs Mohabbat Mahmoudi from Execution

In October 2009 Mrs Mohabbat Mahmoudi, who has endured nine years of prison, was confirmed by Iran’s Supreme Court. She then wrote a letter to Iranian citizens asking for help for her and her family.

Mrs Mahmoudi has endured being in Orumieh prison since 2000 for killing a man who attempted to sexually assault her and she is still at risk of being executed at any time.

According to reports, both wives of the victim have expressed their opposition to the execution, but the brother of the victim has not given his consent and is the one who asked for capital punishment.

Mohabbat Mahmoudi, through a letter to the human rights center of Kurdistan, has described what she has gone through in the past nine years: (thanks to Persian2English):

Mrs Mahmoudi's case has not been reported since 2009, yet she is still in grave danger of execution. Please sign the petition so we can raise awareness and prevent this gross miscarriage of misjustice.

11. Accord equal property rights to women in India

Married Women in India are denied equal rights under Hindu Succession Act 1956.

But it was amended on September 9,2005 to provide the right to parental property for daughters as an equal right since birth.

Still there is a loophole in the amended act.

That is this amendment is not valid on property partitioned before 2005.

So the woes of women are only partially benefited. There are numerous cases where the male members are enjoying the fruits of property income arised out of Ancestral Property without sharing the due share to their sisters who are suffering in poverty.

12. Release Shiva Nazar Ahari, human rights activist in Iran!!

**UPDATE 10/1/12**

On Saturday morning, Sept 8, 2012, human rights activist Shiva Nazar Ahari was sent back to Evin prison to serve her 4 year sentence. She was transferred to the Women's Ward. Please sign the petition for Shiva!

*UPDATE 8.23.2010*

Shiva Nazar Ahari, a human rights activist and member of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters (CHRR), has spent more than 8 months now in prison. She was arrested for the second time in one year on the 20th of December 2009. Previously, she spent 102 days in prison, 33 in solitary confinement up until September 2009.

Shiva Nazar Ahari’s lawyer, Mohammad Sharif, has expressed concern about his client’s upcoming trial considering the heavy charge of moharebeh (enmity with God) in her case. “Shiva Nazar Ahari’s case is being reviewed in the same branch that reviewed Badrolssadat Mofidi’s case. I believe the ruling in Ms. Mofidi’s case to be illegal and therefore am seriously concerned about the court’s potential ruling, considering the fact that my client’s initial charge is moharebeh,” he told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

According to Sharif, one of his concerns is that even though the presiding judge for Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Courts is a known judge, another judge appeared at Ms. Mofidi’s trial. “My client has been informed of three charges. One of her charges is moharebeh, enmity with God, the subject of Article 186. The other charge is assembly and collusion to commit a crime, the subject of Article 610. Her final charge is propagating against the regime, based on Article 500,” said Sharif. “I have read Shiva Nazar Ahari’s case file. I have written my defense bill and have submitted it,” he added.

Nazar Ahari’s mother, Shahrzad Kariman, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that she is unaware of the charges. Regarding whether her daughter was informed of her charges, Kariman said, “Maybe they have served Dr. Sharif, but I don’t know anything about it. The moharebeh charge was conveyed in June 2009, but we didn’t think it was in this case. When Dr. Sharif read the case for the 23 May court session, we realized that when she had first been arrested in 2009, one of the four charges the judge had written in her case was moharebeh. When she was re-arrested on 20 December 2009, moharebeh was not one of her charges.”

“Shiva is in a state of limbo. Her court date was announced so late. They were going to move the date forward, but nothing has happened yet. The situation in the Women’s Ward is dire. Most days there is no water. The situation with hygiene is terrible. The situation with food is extremely bad,” said Kariman. Quoting the lawyer, she described Nazar Ahari’s imprisonment as illegal. “She has been in this limbo for nine months. According to Dr. Sharif, Shiva has been illegally detained for the past three months, because a temporary detention can only be extended up to six months. Continuing a suspect’s detention beyond six months requires a court ruling which Shiva’s case doesn’t have,” she said.

A documentary of Shiva speaking about her activism:

محمد شریف، وکیل شیوا نظرآهاری نسبت به رای احتمالی دادگاه موکلش در ماه آینده با توجه به اتهام سنگین محاربه برای وی که در پرونده اش آمده ابراز نگرانی کرد. وی به کمپین بین المللی حقوق بشر در ایران گفت: «پرونده شیوا نظرآهاری در همان شعبه ای است که پرونده بدرالسادات مفیدی در جریان است و به نظر من رای صادره در رابطه با پرونده خانم مفیدی غیرقانونی است. لذا از آنجا که محاربه در وهله نخست اتهامات مطرح شده به شیوا نظرآهاری است، من به شدت درباره رای احتمالی دادگاه نگران هستم.»

به گفته شریف یکی از دلایل نگرانی وی این است که رییس شعبه ۲۶ دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی شخص معینی است اما در پرونده خانم مفیدی دادرس دیگری حاضر شده بود. محمد شریف در خصوص اتهامات موکلش گفت: «به ایشان سه اتهام تفهیم شده است. یکی محاربه است، موضوع ماده ۱۸۶. دیگری اجتماع و تبانی جهت ارتکاب جرم است، موضوع ماده ۶۱۰ و در نهایت تبلیغ علیه نظام است، موضوع ماده ۵۰۰.» وی افزود: «من پرونده شیوا نظرآهاری را خوانده و لایحه را نوشته و ثبت کرده ام.»

اگرچه شهرزادکریما مادراین فعال حقوق بشر به کمپین بین المللی حقوق بشر در ایران گفت که از این موضوع بی اطلاع است. مادر این زندانی سیاسی در خصوص تفهیم اتهام محاربه به شیوا گفت:” شاید به دکتر شریف ابلاغ کرده باشند، ولی من اطلاعی ندارم، حکم محاربه خرداد پارسال تفهیم شد، ولی ما فکر نمی کردیم در پرونده موجود باشد تا این که به خاطر ۲ خرداد که وقت دادگاه بود دکتر شریف پرونده را خواند، متوجه شدیم وقتی شیوا سال ۸۸ بازداشت شده بود جزو ۴ موارد اتهامی که بازپرس در پرونده گذاشته بود محاربه بوده است ولی وقتی مجددا در تاریخ ۲۹ / ۹ بازداشت شد جزو موارد اتهامی محاربه نبود.»

خانم کریمان درخصوص وضعیت دخترشیوا نظر آهاری به کمپین گفت: « شیوا هنوز بلا تکلیف است، نوبت دادگاهش خیلی دیر اعلام شد قرار بود نوبت دادگاه راجلو بیندازند،ولی هنوز خبری نیست. وضعیت بند نسوان هم که مشخص است اکثر روزها آب قطع است، وضعیت بهداشتی خراب است، وضعیت غذا فوق العاده بد است» .وی به استناد گفته وکیل پرونده حضور فعلی شیوا در زندان را غیر قانونی دانست و گفت:« ۹ ماه است که بلاتکلیف است، به قول خود دکتر شریف، سه ماه است که شیوا غیر قانونی بازداشت است؛چون تا ۶ ماه می شود قرار بازداشت را تمدید کرد، ولی از ۶ ماه به بعد باید حتما متهم حکم داشته باشد که شیوا حکم ندارد.»

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Link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, pick any of these laws, and you will see that the Iran government has violated these laws at the basic level.

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13. Give women the same military career options as men

In the military, there are certain career choices that are limited to only men. For example, pararescue, special forces communication sergeant, special forces engineer sergeant, etc. What ever happened to womens rights?

14. URGENT! Save Sakineh Mohammadi from being Stoned to Death in Iran


Iranian woman has not been executed, official says

Iranian women 'in slavery': stoning woman's lawyer

Petition: Free Sakineh's son Sajjad, lawyer Houtan Kian, and two German Journalists

Jailed Iranian Woman's Son Reported Missing

Final verdict not yet decided on Iranian woman sentenced to stoning

Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, son of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani: My mother is innocent

Lawyer: Woman facing stoning in Iran has been whipped

Son seeks proof Iranian stoning case 'on hold'

Iran: Woman's stoning sentence on hold

Iran orders 99 lashes for woman facing execution, rights group says

Final verdict postponed for Iranian woman facing stoning

Sakineh Mohammadi was forced to "confess" on TV


Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s case review postponed; final judgment will be made in 20 days

Islamic Republic judiciary authorities to decide Sakineh’s case on July 21

Children of Sakineh Ashtiani Mohammadi, have written a letter! MUST READ!



Radio Free Europe | Radio Liberty

A lawyer and activist close to the case of an Iranian woman convicted of adultery say she may soon be stoned to death, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports.

Women's rights activist Soheila Vahdati spoke to Radio Farda on June 17 about the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Ashtiani, who has two children, has been imprisoned in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz since 2005.

Vahdati says Sakineh was earlier sentenced to 99 lashes in 2006 for having "illicit relationships." The sentence was subsequently carried out and her case was closed.

But authorities later charged Ashtiani with murder. Prosecutors alleged that Ashtiani and her boyfriend had killed her husband.

In making the murder case against Ashtiani, activist Vahdati says the court "illegally" reopened the adultery case against Ashtiani. It was the second time Ashtiani would be tried for the same alleged adulterous conduct.

According to Vahdati, Ashtiani was sentenced to be stoned to death for the same alleged act of adultery for which she earlier had been convicted to 99 lashes. It is not clear when she was sentenced.

While denying the charges against her, Ashtiani has asked the authorities for a pardon.

According to activist Vahdati, Ashtiani told the authorities, "if I have done any wrong, I repent."

Her clemency request was rejected.

Lawyer Mohammad Mostafaie, who represents Ashtiani, also maintains her innocence. Writing on his personal blog, the lawyer described Ashtiani's stoning as imminent and said his client will be executed "for an offense she has not committed."

According to Article 83 of the Laws of Islamic Punishment in Iran, ratified in 1991, the penalty for adultery is death by stoning.

However, murder is not punishable in Iran by stoning. Murderers who receive the death sentence are hanged.


**Facebook (for Sakineh):

15. Free Bahareh Hedayat HR activist in Iran!

Iranian student activist Bahareh Hedayat is one of the founding members of One Million Signatures campaign for equal rights in Iran. In April 2010, she was nominated for the 2010 Student Peace Prize by the European Students’ Union. After election protests, she has now been detained and was sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison.

Release Bahareh Hedayat!!!

December 7, 2009: Here you can see Bahareh Hedayat delivering a message on behalf of Iranian Students to the European Student Union for the occasion of Student Day in Iran:

The Islamic Republic has arrested numerous Iranians in an attempt to silence the post-election protests. The student movement has been a major target of these arrests. Hedayat has denied all the charges and is resisting the pressure to make a false televised confession. Tehran prosecutor Jafar Dolatabadi had personally indicted Bahareh Hedayat during an interrogation session at Tehran’s Evin prison. Hedayat was arrested on December 31, 2009. She is currently being held in ward 209 of Evin Prison and she shares a cell with the detained journalist Leili Farhadpour.

On May 19, 2010, Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran has sentenced Bahareh Hedayat to 9 1/2 years in prison!

According to a RAHANA reporter, Hedayat was given 6 months for insulting the president, 2 years for insulting the Supreme Leader, and 5 years for anti-state and anti-national security actions. A previous 2 year suspended prison issued to her for organizing a gathering in June 2006, has also been added to the new court ruling.

Sentencing verdict in Persian:

رهانا: شعبه‌ی ۲۸ دادگاه انقلاب به ریاست قاضی مقیسه بهاره هدایت را به ۹ سال و نیم حبس تعزیری محکوم کرد. اتهامات بهاره پیش از این فعالیت تبلیغی علیه نظام از طریق مصاحبه با رسانه‌های بیگانه، توهین به رهبر، توهین به رییس جمهور، اخلال در نظم عمومی از طریق شرکت در تجمعات غیرقانونی، ورود غیرقانونی و تخریب درب دانشگاه امیرکبیر هنگام ورود مهدی کروبی به این دانشگاه عنوان شده بود.

به گزارش خبرنگار رهانا، برای بهاره هدایت شش ماه به خاطر توهین به رئیس‌جمهوری، دو سال به خاطر توهین به رهبری و به دلیل تبلیغ علیه نظام و اقدام علیه امنیت از طریق تبانی و تجمع مجموعا پنج سال‬ حکم صادر شده است. وی در کل به ۷ سال و نیم زندان بابت این اتهامات محکوم شده است. هم‌چنین حکم دو سال حبس تعلیقی بهاره هدایت به اتهام اقدام علیه امنیت از طریق برگزاری تجمع ۲۲ خرداد سال ۸۵‬ نیز به اجرا درآمده و به این حکم اضافه شده است.

بهاره هدایت از ۱۰ دی ماه ۱۳۸۸ بازداشت و هم اکنون در بند زنان زندان اوین به سر می‌برد. میلاد اسدی نیز از ۹ آذر ماه ۱۳۸۸ بازداشت و هم اکنون در بند ۳۵۰ زندان اوین زندانی است.

بهاره هدایت را آزاد کنید!!!

Source: Radio Zamaneh YouTube, &

16. Jaded Mothers of America Reclaiming Our Children

Women have submitted for ages letting men dominate them. Whole societies have based their culture on the preconceived notion that women are inferior to men, and we as women have accepted it. Now that a new day has come and women everywhere have fought for the right of equality. The notion that women can only raise children and men work has gone out the window. Women are now saying we can raise our children but that is not all we can do! In staking our claim in this world we have taken from men what was once unquestionably theirs, power. In taking this power leveling out the playing field if you will, men have now decided if us women want equality then they should have equality in what was once so unquestionably ours.

Men feel that just because they deposited sperm into a woman they have just as much right to the child. The bond between a mother and child does not even come close to the bond the child may or may not form with his or her father. The mother carries the fetus for 9 months changing her whole way of life sacrificing daily. During these months in this society she is most likely working just as much if not more than the sperm donor. She then painfully delivers the child who she will continue to care for and nurture on a constant basis for an extended period of time. She will feed the child from her own body fulfilling all the needs of her child.

Lets look at the roll the potential father plays. He will deposit his sperm. He may or may not care for the woman carrying the child for 9 months. He may or may not be there during the delivery process. He may or may not stay over night in the hospital with the child. He may or may not develop a bond with the child. And still this sperm donor gets his name on the birth certificate as the child's rightful father, giving that man the exact same rights as the woman. Even if the father does everything perfect cares for his child's mother during her pregnancy, is in the delivery room, stays with the child through the night in the hospital and helps raise the child his bond will never have that same level of intensity as the mothers bond is with the child. Therefore how can a father feel that he has the same rights over a child as the mother?

This is not an equality issue for men this is a revenge and control tactic men are using to regain power. So often men will go after the child in a custody battle because he knows it is what hurts his ex-wife the most. So often the child will suffer because she or he is just a pawn to the father. This is not fair or what is in the best interest of our children. It needs to be stopped and in signing this petition you are saying no more! You are saying you will not tolerate your children being used against you! You are saying if you potential fathers want all the same rights us women have over our own children including joint legal guardianship, you need to share in "all" our rights. And that will be accomplished through SBP (Simulated Birthing procedure).

I urge you to sign. In signing this petition you are saying you want equality nothing more, and nothing less.

17. Bring Back Death Penalty In South Africa!

For the past fifteen years there has been a RAPID increase in murder, rape and all other incredibly savage acts and crime in general. South Africa is currently NUMBER ONE on in the world for murder, rape and all crime and therefore earned the name "CRIME CAPITAL OF THE WORLD".

More then THREE THOUSAND FARMERS have been murdered since 1994 and nearly more then 50 South Africans are murdered PER DAY! A BIG portion of that are CHILDREN that were RAPED TO DEATH!

These SAVAGES are seldom caught and only a few gets captured and convicted. Most of these murderers actually prefer being in jail. They receive clean beds, three meals and free education if they so desire.

This becomes another burden on the taxpayer. With other words the law-abiding citizens of South Africa actually are then the ones getting punished for the murderer 's heinous acts! More then 600 South Africans have actually successfully gained refugee status in other countries! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS South Africans have already fled the country in fear of their lives! This resulted in the ultimate "Brain Drain" of the country.

Instead of keeping the LAW-ABIDING, EDUCATED citizens of South Africa IN the country, the Lack of the South African Government's involvement and lack of proper punishment has secured South Africa 's first place as a MURDER/RAPE/CRIME - CAPITAL IN THE WORLD!

I am of the strong opinion that Capital Punishment for murder should be reintroduced to South Africa! Amnesty International states that the Death Penalty 'violates the right of the life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.' The question - What about the lives and rights of the victims? Were they not entitled to the Right of Life and Prohibition of Torture?

The person that takes the life savagely of another should no longer benefit from the protections afforded under any legislation. The failure of the government to actually ensure the citizens of South Africa a safer country is no longer expectable.

A Jail term is no longer a deterrent. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY IN SOUTH AFRICA! PLEASE VISIT our pages on FACEBOOK -


18. NO means NO! Zero Tolerance of Date Rape NOW!

There has been recently yet another move to try make women responsible for rape. The BBC aired a debate recently where several (male) presenters discussed whether a woman should takes responsibility in 'certain circumstances' for a man raping her. They even debated whether there comes a point when it it is too late for a woman to say no.

It is never too late for a woman (or a man) to say no. A woman is never responsible for rape. It is insulting to men and dangerous to women to suggest that men are not able to control themselves and worse, that they can absolve themselves of responsibility if they don't.

1 in 4 women are still raped in the UK. Think of 4 women you care about and decide which of them you want it to be?

A woman should be able to dress how she wants, to behave as she likes and to still be able to change her mind.

Young men must not be raised in a society where it acceptable to rape a woman if she 'leads you on'. This is blatant abuse of the entire female population. The trial and conviction rates are criminally low, mainly due to exactly this attitude and the sentence for rape is outrageously short.

Men CAN control themselves and women are NEVER to blame, if she says NO, then it IS RAPE!

19. Appeal to President Obama, First Lady and Mrs Clinton

The brutal attack on Camp Ashraf in Iraq on 28 July 2009, by direct order of Nuri Maliki has caused an international outcry. Amnesty International has issued seven statements and Urgent Appeals regarding the situation of the residents of the Camp. Thousands of European parliamentarians, jurists, human rights organisations and personalities have condemned this attack as 'Crime Against Humanity'. At present, 1,000 women in Ashraf are the prime target of Iraqis, proxies of Iranian theocratic regime. The following petition is addressed to US officials to protect these women. Please sign this urgent appeal petition and forward it to other groups to sign. Please add the name of your organisation in the box.

Thank you.

Laila Jazayeri
Association of Anglo-Iranian Women in the UK

20. Stop Punishment of Women In Sudan for Dress Code Violations

A women is on trial in the Sudan for wearing pants, and faces public whipping for her "crime".

She faces 40 lashes for "indecent dressing". This is something we can do, help her and all women.

21. We Want the PortaJane!

The PortaJane is the first portable restroom made exclusively for women. It’s the answer for women who want and demand fresh, clean, for-women-only restroom facilities. Not only is it uniquely designed for women, a portion of the proceeds from each unit rented will be donated to the fight against breast cancer.

The PortaJane is manufactured in the United States out of recyclable materials. So in addition to experiencing an odorless and truly unique portable toilet, women can feel confident about the fact that PortaJane is both environmentally "Eco-Friendly PortaJane's Odorless Solution" friendly, and supports an important cause such as donating to the fight against breast cancer.

The PortaJane is bright pink with white trim and displays 3 large breast cancer awareness ribbons embossed on the front door and sides. Each unit includes a hands-free flushing toilet, curvaceous hourglass-shaped back wall, a water-flowing, hygienic hands-free sink, 2 vanity shelves, the "hover bar," mirror, hanger hooks and so much more. Because it is created exclusively for women, the PortaJane is designed without a urinal.

Exclusive PortaJane distributorships are now available and PortaJane is seeking entrepreneurs to provide these upscale portable restrooms at outdoor events across the nation.

Please contact for further information.


Last month, President Hamid Karzai speedily passed new legislation that significantly limits women's rights in Afghanistan.

The new law dictates that husbands may demand sex from their wives at all times, thereby granting legal premise for rape within marriage. The law also precludes other discriminatory conditions, such as prohibiting a woman from leaving her home without permission from her husband.

This law is seen as a major regression in the small gains women have made over the last 15 years in Afghanistan. The women of Afghanistan, and the Afghani people, need the support of Westerners in pressuring the US government to speak out against this new law.

Secratary of State Clinton has already made clear the administration's verbal condemnation of this act, but more significant action must be taken in order for there to be real pressure placed upon President Karzai.

Please sign this petition to ask the Obama Administration to take significant action so as to repeal this damaging legislation.

23. Stop the Erosion of Women's and Children's rights

Single mothers and their children have been seriously disadvantaged by legislation and reforms implemented by the previous Howard Government and continued (validated) by the Rudd Government.

Sole parent families experience higher rates of poverty and social isolation then two parent families and are among the poorest in this country.

These families struggle to survive on welfare payments which do not reflect the real costs of living while being threatened by unreasonable "welfare to work" obligations to maintain their welfare payment or face losing their entitlements.

Motherwork, volunteer work, study, disability, caring for children and family with disability are not being taken into consideration and mother's are still obligated to look for work, often that is low paid, demeaning and inflexible.

Motherhood is undervalued in Society in general but current legislation further undermines the work and responsibilities of single mother's whilst caring for their children. Single mother's receiving Parenting payment are forced onto Newstart allowance which undermines their role and work as mother's and primary carers of their children who should have the same right to their mother's care and time as any other child in Australia.
Many single mothers don't have family or other social support so are suffering in silence whilst living in poverty doing their best to care and provide for their children.

The harsh obligations and scrutiny of Welfare to work is pushing single mother's to breaking point and this is surely not a good outcome for women and their children. Welfare to work needs to be repealed for single mother's, primary carer sole parents and/or primary carer sole parents of children with special needs and/or too young to be left unsupervised.

Currently many fathers are taking advantage of Family law acts "Shared parental responsibility" and "a child's right to know both parents" etc...only to continue abuse and control (especially emotional and psychological), over their ex-partners. Primary carers are finding themselves unable to protect vulnerable children because of fear of contravening orders.

It is very apparent that the best interest of the child comes secondary to "a meaningful relationship with both parents" as experienced by many concerned single mother's. Judges and mediators (Family dispute resolution practitioner's) bare no accountability to decisions that place women and children at risk of harm. Relationship centres and Family dispute resolution practitioner's are failing to put children and women's safety and well being first and are insensitive to the needs and service of women and their children and the hardship women and their children endure as a sole parent family especially when there is conflict between parents or in cases of Domestic Violence, child abuse/neglect.
Family law needs to be made safe, fair, dignified, just and inclusive of all women and their children.

Family Law and other concerning legislation needs to be urgently reviewed and reformed in regards to the negative impacts on children and women. Judges and Family dispute resolution practitioner's need to be held accountable if their decisions place children and women at risk of harm. The best interest and safety of the child MUST be considered before "their right to know both parents".

The new child support reforms have put less money into the hands of those who actually feed and care for their children while putting more money into the pockets of those who rarely have contact with their children and are already financially better off.

Changes are needed to provide a safe, fair, just and dignified existence for single mothers and their children, to empower and support women to care for and protect their children and to assist them out of the poverty trap not force them into one.



We have all heard the story about if a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound? Now, let me ask you this question: if you were raped but didn’t have the money to pay for the evidence kit, did the rape occur?

I am an American white woman, a private citizen, who is stating, “Enough of the lies already! Where is the outrage from All women and All men? What is the documented voting track record of where our four political candidates stand on this issue of having the victim pay for their own rape kits?

OBAMA – In 2001, the state of Illinois, House Bill 1814 (HN1814) amended the Crimes Victims Compensation Act. In a nutshell, the Illinois Dept. of Public Aid will pay for ER treatment is there is no public aid or private medical insurance. You must report the crime within 72 hours and you may be eligible to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket medical expenses, loss of earnings, psychological counseling, and loss of support income due to the crime. Reimbursement can be up to $27,000.

Amendment sponsored by: Senate – Obama –Dillard
House - Wait-Klingler-Mulligan-Parke

BIDEN – Senator Biden wrote the groundbreaking Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which was rolled out nationwide 1994. This is the most comprehensive piece of legislation criminalizing violence against women holding batterers truly accountable; and subsequent Amendments have only enriched the original Act.

McCAIN – As recent as October 2007, Senator McCain voted “NO” on HR3093. This was an amendment to Biden’s VAWA ACT, which included a section from the Office on Violence Against Women asking for an appropriation of $430 million. Supposedly, McCain was initially for the Amendment but voted “no”.

PALIN - While mayor of Wasilla, and with Palin’s signature, Wasilla cut funds that had previously paid for rape kits and started charging the victim or their health insurers. The rape kits cost between $300-$1200. It appears the basis for this decision was not to burden the taxpayers. In 2000, the then Democratic Governor, Tony Knowles, signed legislation outlawing this practice; not Palin.

During her administration, it is reported that Palin asked for $27 Million in earmarks for her city. She also actively sought and built an ice-hockey rink. Yet nowhere could I find that she ever tried to change her original position on the rape kits and I ask, did she include this budget item on her wish list for the $27 Million?

I thank God that I have never had to go through the horribleness and ugliness of rape. It must be gut wrenching enough to even report it to the authorities but can you imagine you or a loved one calling the police, going to the ER, and then being asked by the hospital personnel how you are going to come up with the hundreds of dollars for the rape kit if your insurer doesn’t pay; and that’s if you even have medical insurance! I seriously hope that a victim was never denied the evidence kit if they couldn’t pay but how horrible for a woman in power to treat other women so carelessly. And let’s say it like it is; the majority of rape victims are women.

She talks about being Pro-life but that phrase can have many meaning. I believe that when a rape occurs, it is a very real “death” to the victim and she should have been doing everything possible to save the victim from any further assault. Did her administration charge for fingerprinting, forensic tests, etc. when other crimes occurred? Is not the rape victim’s body part of the crime scene?

It is said that a person’s true character is what they do when they know they can get away with it. This is not a minor issue and one that should not and cannot be trivialized by political rhetoric. Rape is rape and has no political affiliations. If you are as outraged as I am, please sign this petition for the sake of yourself, your wives, daughters, sisters, and sons and tell McCain/Palin that their 15 minutes are up!

Note: This Petition has not been approved by any political party or public official. The thoughts are my own.

25. Stop Unfairness in the Mass Media

We have worked so hard in the past. In order for women to gain the natural rights that we deserve, mostly, there is a need to stay grounded. Since the 1800s on down, we have made strides to advance.

Our presence must be heard more due to recent events in the mass media.

26. Promote women's rights

The goal is gender equality, with all women and men being able to realize their full human rights, and potential to contribute equally to society and benefit equally from the results.

27. OPPOSE Bill C-484 - REJETEZ Bill C-484

The "Unborn Victims of Crime Act" (Bill C-484) passed a Second Reading vote in Parliament on March 5. It is now under review by the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

The bill poses a real danger to abortion rights, to the rights of all pregnant women, and to women's equality rights in general.

Please sign the following petition to call upon Parliament to oppose this bill. To review our Talking Points against the bill, visit


La "Loi sur les enfants non encore nés victimes d'actes criminel" (Projet C-484) a été adoptée en deuxième lecture au Parlement le 5 mars. Il fera maintenant l'objet d'un examen par le Comité permanent de la justice et des droits de la personne.

Ce projet de loi constitue un danger réel pour les droits de toutes les femmes enceintes et pour les droits des femmes en général.

Veuillez signer la pétition ci-dessous pour réclamer du Parlement qu'il rejette ce projet de loi. Pour en savoir plus, visitez:

28. To Jump or Not to Jump? That is the Question.

Who: Womens' National Ski Jumping Team

What: The IOC has taken Women's Ski Jumping off of the 2010 Olympic Menu.

When: They were removed from the menu on November 29, 2007.

Where: The Olympics will be taking place in Vancouver in 2010.

Why: The IOC has decided to remove this event because they stated there was not enough funding, popularity, contestants, time and enough international competition before the Olypics.

Problem: We believe that gender equality in sports is important and that since there is no alternate sport for the women to compete in that the IOC must allow them to compete.

29. Pro-Choice Specialty License Plate Florida

The Orlando Chapter of the National Organization for Women in conjunction with Florida NOW developed a specialty license plate for the state of Florida to raise money and awareness for women's issues including reproductive health.

Florida already offers an anti-choice plate entitiled "Choose Life" that has raised over $4 million in revenue for anti-choice clinics.

To get a proposed license to pass through the legislature a representative sample must be collected indicating 30,000 licensed Florida drivers intend to purchase the plate.

30. Feminism should be taught in schools

We continue to take a stand against companies and members of congress who do not support womens rights. One thing we are not doing enough of is educating our children about women's rights.

Perhaps if the ceo's and members of congess who are not standing up for womens rights were educated about sexual equality at an early age maybe, we wouldn't continue to have to fight for them.

President Bush just made a statement that intelligent design should be taught in schools. His reasoning was (direct quote from msnbc):
"I think that part of education is to expose people to different schools of thought," Bush said. "You're asking me whether or not people ought to be exposed to different ideas, the answer is yes."

Bush is right we should learn about many different schools of thought and many different ideas. Therefore feminism should also be taught in schools. Both men and women have a right to know about the many issues women have to fight for.