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1. Stop the war in Mexico

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2. Integrate Widows issues into the UN Agenda and recognise 23 June as International Widows Day

Across the globe there are some 245 million widows, many of whom are subject to the sort of privations, prejudice and discrimination that have no place in this or any era.

Some 100 million widows and their children are forced to live in poverty, struggling to survive and shunned by oppressive societies that strip them of their dignity.

This is not a crisis limited to developing countries; social isolation, deprivation and abuse are afflicted on widows across the world.

And yet little, still, is understood – much less done – about their plight. They are forced to suffer in silence.

The Loomba Foundation was founded to raise awareness of the plight of widows, to alleviate suffering and to remove the stigma attached to widowhood. It has been delivering aid in the form of education and sponsorship to thousands of widows and their children worldwide for well over a decade.

The Loomba Foundation launched International Widows Day to drive awareness of the widows crisis and, vitally, to provide a platform from which widows’ voices can be heard.

By recognising 23 June as International Widows Day, The United Nations would be doing much to amplify the calls for long-overdue action.