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1. Say No to "Search and Fine" Cameras on Ormskirk Car Parks

In January, the Labour council cabinet excluded the public and press from the cabinet meeting and then agreed to negotiations with a private company, Bemrose Mobile, to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras on the Ormskirk Town centre council car parks. The Conservatives did not oppose these plans.

We’d like to tell you more but the council report remains confidential.

However, Bemrose Mobile’s website says of their Enforcement Cameras:

“Our intelligent solutions work towards the provision of a perfect parking operation. Using sophisticated analysis, we can alert Enforcement in real-time of parking infringements – whether vehicles have:

* stayed beyond the maximum free allowance
* haven't paid
* stayed beyond the amount of time for which they have paid

Our specially designed software will collect parking payments and track and identify parking infringements. We send instant alerts to the Enforcement team. The enforcement then continues as normal, with PCN’s placed on vehicles.”


2. Scrap plans for a £30 green bin charge

In 2015, West Lancashire Borough Council proposed a £30 charge for all residents for a fortnightly collection of green garden waste. Currently the service is free at the point of use - paid for through council tax.

Faced with opposition from 72% of residents and with local elections looming, the Labour council withdrew the proposal.

Now the elections are behind them, the Labour council have reintroduced the proposal to charge residents £30 a year for a green bin service.

The charge will lead to ten or more jobs lost at the council; increased burning and fly tipping of waste and even green waste ending up in grey bins and then going into landfill.

Our West Lancashire are completely opposed to this proposal.

Please sign our petition.
N.B. Petition closes this Friday morning, 30th September.

3. Cut costs NOT services and jobs at West Lancashire Borough Council

Fact 1: No other council in Lancashire has two managing directors.

Fact 2: West Lancashire councillors get an annual allowance of £4842 each a year - the highest in Lancashire. The Lancashire average is £3469.

Fact 3: West Lancs council needs to save more than £1 million a year. Your services and staff jobs are at risk.

If you agree that West Lancashire must reduce waste to protect services and jobs then please sign our petition to reduce from two to one managing director and to cut councillor allowances to the Lancashire average.