Petition Tag - war on terror

1. Mr Turnbull, easily and effectively stop Islamic terrorism in Australia

It is inarguable that Islamic/Quran-inspired terrorism is increasing in many countries across the world.

A news report today ( 4th August, 2015 ) advises that Australia is now the third most prominent target for attacks by terrorists. At almost the same time came a report of what appears to be another terrorist attack in London today.

There is no way that law enforcement and anti-terrorist authorities can be 'everywhere all of the time' in preventing an act of Islamic terrorism.

Therefore it is time overdue that the West outsmarts the would-be Islamic terrorists. The Australian Prime Minister has been sent a letter that explains how a Federal Government law can be created that will immediately stop all Islam or Quran-inspired killings and terrorist acts.

The proposal specifically and only targets Islamic terrorists or those who support, encourage or condone Quran-inspired killings or terrorist actions. Peace-loving, moderate Muslims are NOT discriminated against or targeted and we are hoping that they will support this petition as evidence of their desire to see terrorism stopped.

You can read the letter at

Note that the letter represents an opportunity for 'moderate' Muslims who claim to be 'peace-loving' to demonstrate that they genuinely stand against Islamic-inspired acts of terrorism. We invite them to also support the proposed law and this petition.

Join us in petitioning the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to promptly enact the suggested legislation and thereby effectively ensure the safety of ALL Australians (including moderate Muslims!).

2. Investigate USA-Pakistan Relations

For ten years now there have been acts of war being waged on the citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan. These acts are being carried out by the their own military and also the military of the United States. Their own government along with the United States and other UN allies are agreeing to continue military operations. Operations which are violating the liberties of those native people living in what has been deemed a war zone.

Now it's time they rethink their strategies. Human rights, liberty and justice need to be upheld. The conditions are becoming exceedingly desperate for these people. The area is destabilizing more and more the longer we wait. This will continue to put the youth at further risk and those who are vulnerable will become exploited or radicalized. Even though both governments claim they are doing what they can to combat this, little has been seen in the way of progress.

3. Obama: Stop Violating Omar Khadr's Rights

Omar Khadr is a 23 year old Canadian national who has been held in Guantanamo since he was captured 8 years ago, when he was only 15 years old. If his case goes to trial as scheduled, he will be the first child soldier to be tried since Nuremberg. His trial will also be the first military commission at Guantánamo Bay under the Obama administration.

Mr. Khadr has slammed the military commission as a “sham process” and has tried to fire his American military lawyers in protest, though has now agreed to allow them to represent him. Charges against him include having killed a US soldier with a grenade in Afghanistan when he was 15. The evidence against him is considered to be tenuous at best and most countries, and international legal norms and practice, are opposed to bringing child soldiers to trial.

A defence motion will be made before the commission starts to consider whether or not torture was used to obtain evidence in Omar's case. Omar rejected a plea deal that would see him released in 5 years if he admitted to killing the soldier and committing other war crimes at a pre-trial hearing earlier in the month. At an earlier hearing in this case, an interrogator admitted having threatened Mr. Khadr with gang rape and murder to make him comply and confess during interrogations.

It is time that the Obama administration stop violating Omar Khadr's rights and give him the justice he deserves.

4. Hold a televised debate on National Security between Senator McCain and Senator Obama

The United States faces a critical threat to our national security. That clear and present danger is from radical Islamists. The threat is both global and in the homeland, as evidenced by the attacks on the United States and its allies before and after 9/11.

We have won the war against Al Qaeda in Iraq. However, the West, and America in particular, face serious challenges from a nuclear armed Iran, Syria a state sponsor of terror, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

These threats are both far and near. Within America cells from each of these terrorist organizations and state sponsors of terrorism have been discovered. Others remain hidden and waiting. We are seeing a rise in Europe and America of "White Al Qaeda" and lone wolf terrorists radicalized using the Internet.

As the "hot wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan continue we have an Islamist "cold war" being conducted here in the United States. This takes the form of radical Imams in mosques funded by Saudi Arabia, the gradual introduction of Sharia law into our economic and social fiber, and foreign funding of terrorist organizations in America.

Both the "hot" and "cold" wars are being funded with petro-dollars. The spending of over $700 billion annually to purchase foreign oil is the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the United States. Some of that money is being used to kill our troops and fund the radical Islamic movement in America. A strong economy and energy independence are therefore, in large part, national security issues.

The threat requires public debate at all levels. Candidates for public office at local, state and national levels must be aware of the threats we face and provide a plan to address them directly. This debate should be both from the bottom up and the top down.

A nationally televised debate between the two Presidential Candidates is imperative to raise public awareness and educate us all on their visions of a clear strategy for victory.

Both Presidential candidates have said they will finish the job in Iraq and "surge" more American troops into Afghanistan. Whoever is elected will be war time president!

It is time for Senators Obama and McCain to tell us how they will win the war!

5. Stop the Prosecution of Allied Soldiers for BOGUS CRIMES!!

Allied soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are being charged with BOGUS CRIMES and in some cases, sent to prison for life by foreign government beasts/INFIDELS.

6. Don't Reinstate The Draft

Rep. Charles Rangel (D, NY) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R, SC) are rallying support for reinstatement of a new draft for anyone age 18-42. Rangel claims to be putting the proposal into legislation in early 2007, after the Dems take control of the Congress.

As a result, 16 million americans, both men and women, will be put through shortened training camps, and possibly sent into strenuous combat situations. This in turn damages our current volunteer military, as it places people who may not possess the qualities to complete the mission, in charge or in danger with other people who do.

It is our right, and duty, to stop this before it even gets started, for the sake of our high school students, and for the sake of our current serving military.