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1. Let Charlie Sheen throw Out 1st Pitch in the World Series 2017

Charlie Sheen is an important part of Cleveland Indian's history. His role in Major League, one of baseballs greatest movies and comeback stories embodies everything that is Cleveland and Cleveland Sports. The character of Ricky Vaughn in this movie is an icon to Cleveland Indians fans and baseball fans in general. Let the Winner throw out the first pitch when we make it to the World Series in 2017 since he was not allowed in 2016

2. Keep Bob Talman at The Oak in Ardingly

Bob Talman is being made redundant from The Oak on 10th November, we are asking people to sign the petition to keep Bob on at the Oak or to persuade Richard Vince (the man who owns the oak) to sell the lease to Bob and his business partner Clive Spence, they have the funds but so far have been given lots of excuses as to why they can't buy it (it is on the market at the moment).

3. (Fans Urge) Warner Home Video To Create Milestone in Television Animation DVD Releases

When the Paramount company released for the first time to a new public Charles Schulz’s well-remembered and beloved “Peanuts” animations on DVD media, they were not able to explore the technology options that were available to them. These include music-only tracks (without dialogue) that could spotlight the imaginative work of composer and jazz pianist, Vince Guaraldi, a highly unique and valuable contributor to American culture, who helped shape this legacy for many generations of viewers and listeners here and abroad, and whose true artistic range traversing traditional jazz to rock and electronic styles from the 1960’s through 1970’s is not yet fully appreciated.

We also call attention to the fact that in the past Fantasy/Concord Music Group, who is the holder for Mr. Guaraldi’s “Peanuts” recordings, was unable to secure original master tapes that could make a satisfactory release of Mr. Guaraldi’s early animation music as a CD (even though an abridged release did eventually come about).

We know, that the search for master tapes for the "Peanuts" shows such as "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is of high interest to everyone, and we are also of the belief that such materials may be located and secured for use in these new DVD's, if a wide initiative is made by Warner Home Video.

4. Hire Hogan!!!

Hogan has been at the top of his game for over 20 years. He left the WWF in 1994 and then dominated teh WCW until his departure in the late 90's. Now, with some free time on his hands, Hogan is ready to make the comeback of the century, all we need is for Vince McMahon to give the say so.....