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1. Stop the sterilization of women in Uzbekistan

On 1999 in Uzbekistan started the program to reduce the number of people by sterilizing women. Usually women, which already have children were damaged during the next birth. Sterilization changes physiology of body, also character, attractiveness and healthiness of women. In some cases husbands left them because of this. The changed psychology of mother because of the sterilization influence the children she grow.

In 2003 the program was closed. In 2010 February Uzbekistan government renewed it again.

Please write me if you know more such cases or you know that the media below provides the misinformation.


2. Stop the criminal suit against prominent photographer Umida Akhmedova

According to the information received, on December 16, 2009, Ms. Umida Ahmedova was informed by the Mirobod Department of Internal Affairs that she was facing charges of “slander” and “insult” (respectively Articles 139 and 140 of the Uzbek Criminal Code) of the Uzbek people.

Those charges were brought by the Tashkent Prosecutor's Office, in relation to her book of photographs entitled Women and Men: From Dawn to Dusk, which was published in 2007 and contains 110 photographs reflecting the life and traditions of Uzbek people, as well as to her documentary films Women and Men in Customs and Rituals and Virginity Code. She is facing up to six months’ imprisonment or from two to three years of “correctional work”.

These charges follow an investigation carried out in November 2009 by the Uzbek Agency of Media and Information into several books and films on gender issues that were produced in collaboration with the Gender Programme of the Swiss Embassy in Tashkent.