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1. Save face to face teaching of Maths and Science at Hunter TAFE

We are enrolled in Calculus Tertiary Preparation Certificate Course a Newcastle TAFE campus. We were told that the calculus course has been cut and that we have to do it on line. Also the Chemistry class times have been cut back.

The TPC course is a very successful pathway into university. The students effected by this move want to study engineering and science - where the skill shortages are.

2. Save Digital Media!

TAFE NSW is planning on scrapping their Digital Media courses and replacing them with an IT Diploma that has a few subjects of a similar nature.

Previously, due to an agreement between TAFE NSW (Wagga Wagga) and Charles Sturt University, graduates of the Diploma in Digital Media have been able to articulate directly into the third year of a Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia). This has been largely due to the outstanding quality of work produced by our students, as well as the years of dedication and hard work by the teaching staff.

Thanks to the hasty and ill-thought decision of TAFE NSW, students will no longer be able to take advantage of this agreement. Additionally, students who enrolled in the course at the beginning of this year, under the assumption that they too would be able to go on to university, now find themselves stranded – in any sane situation, that would be considered a breach of contract.

TAFE NSW contends that the course they have instituted in place of Digital Media covers the same subjects and achieves the same outcomes – this is patently false. The new course contains no practical art subjects and has what amounts to a brief overview of animation and design. Students who complete this course will not be able to transfer their skills to university and hope to gain any subject credit. Additionally, the new course will be promoted under the name “IT (Multimedia)”, which has the potential to turn away scores of young people intimidated by academia.

Australia is already far behind the rest of the world when it comes to the arts, music, film and animation – do we really want to work towards making our nation even further behind? There is nothing to say about this pitiful decision, save that it is just not okay. It is tremendously short sighted; it may make sense in the short term, it will certainly improve the TAFE NSW bottom line – but at what cost to the community? How many more young people will leave Wagga Wagga because we don’t value the arts?

Sign this petition and help put pressure on TAFE NSW to reverse this decision immediately. For them to do anything less is tantamount to spitting on the efforts of both past students and the hard working teachers of Digital Media.

3. Stop JET funding cuts

I'm 18 years old and have a beautiful 13 month old daughter. I started the young parents program at balga senior high school in Western Australia in July 2006.

This facility helps young parents go back to school so that they can receive a proper education and do well in life for themselves and their children. We currently get JET assistance so that we dont have to pay full price for child care, and we can still afford the necessities in life. May I add that not only young people receive this payment it is ALL parents that return to study, whether it be school, TAFE or Uni. Now the government are planning to only give the JET payment to eligable applicants for 1 year and then make them pay $127 per week! We are trying to do whats right by going back to school so we can get a good job and get OFF centrelink.

As you can see the Government really cares! Please sign this petition so that all parents have a fighting chance in life to build a good foundation for their children.