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1. Free Iranian Childrens Rights Activist Saeed Shirzad, Held Incommunicado 65+ Days After Arrest

UPDATE: August 9, 2014--Following 2 months since his arrest, Saeed Shirzad, children’s rights and human rights activist was transferred to the quarantine ward of Evin prison.

According to CHRR after being held in Ward 209 of Evin prison during interrogations for 2 months, Saeed Shirzad’s temporary detention was extended for another 2 months and he was subsequently transferred to the quarantine ward of the prison facility.

Saeed Shirzad was detained on June 2nd 2014 at his place of work in a Tabriz refinery. The reason for his arrest was not disclosed and he was transferred to the solitary unit of Evin prison for questioning and interrogations. During this time, Shirzad has not been permitted any visitation with his family despite their efforts.

Branch 16 of the Revolutionary Court is handling his case and even though no formal charges have been filed, Saeed Shirzad has been accused of allegedly partaking in human rights activities and collaborating with Ahmed Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran.

Saeed Shirzad had a prior arrest on August 21, 2012 after the Azerbaijan earthquake when security agents raided his volunteer campsite in the earthquake-stricken Ahar area in East Azerbaijan province. Shirzad was detained along with a few others as they were administering aid to victims and their families. The others were later released but Shirzad was held in Ahar prison where he embarked on a hunger strike in protest of his illegal arrest. He was released on bail pending his trial after 19 days of detention.

On January 9, 2013, Saeed Shirzad was sentenced to a one-year suspended term and 5 years probation. Judge Pir Abassi presiding over Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court handed down the sentence stemming from the charges of “propaganda against the regime” and “activities in opposition groups.”

UPDATE: August 5, 2014-- After 64 days in detention, the temporary detention order has been extended for another 20 days for Iranian children's rights activist Saeed Shirzad. He is being held in Tehran's infamous Evin Prison. He continues to be held incommunicado and his family have no idea as to his current condition.

July 7, 2014-- 37 Days after he was arrested in Tabriz, there is no information about the whereabouts and condition Saeed Shirzad, an Iranian children’s rights activist.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Saeed Shirzad was arrested at his workplace, in a Tabriz refinery on June 2nd.

“Two weeks ago the security forces informed his family that he had been transferred to Tehran. But Saeed did not have any contact with his family yet and we do not know anything about his status, ” reported a close source to him

He also added, “We do not know about the probable charges against him or the allegations upon which they are based.”

Saeed Shirzad was arrested previously on August 22, 2013, when he went to Ahar for the purpose of providing aid to residents there in the aftermath of a disastrous earthquake. He was released after 19 days on bail.

He was sentenced to one year in prison which was suspended by branch number 26 of the revolutionary court.

2. Free Imprisoned Iranian Earthquake Relief Workers

The Kaleme website reported that 20 relief workers were sentenced in Tabriz Revolutionary Court. Their prison sentences range from six months to two years.

A deadly earthquake in northwest Iran in August left hundreds dead and thosands homeless prompting volunteer relieft efforts by activists and ordinary citizens around the country.

The detained relief workers were arrested at an independent relief camp in Sarand when government security insisted on taking control of all relief efforts.

The detainees, who included many prominent civil activists, wrote an open letter to the head of the judiciary, condemning the security forces' misrepresentation of their humanitarian efforts.

The court has found the relief workers guilty of "collaboration in assembly and collusion to commit crimes against national security."

The judiciary had accused the relief workers of "trying to distribute expired food", but the relief workers have stressed there is no evidence that any expired food had been in the camp and they have denied all the charges brought against them.

UPDATE, JANUARY 16, 2013: Tabriz judicial authorities today also accused the group that was sentenced to a total of 19 years in prison, of drinking homemade alcohol, use of illegal satellite equipment, and non-religious mix of the opposite sexes.


3. Free Masoud Hosseinzadeh, Iranian-Azeri Civic Activist

Masoud Hosseinzadeh is an engineer and civic activist of the Azeri minority in Iran. Previously he had been one of the leading Azeri student activists.

Masoud was arrested on July 9, 2012 by security forces in front of his home, after they beat him very violently. He then spent 70 days in temporary detention at the Intelligence Ministry detention centre in Tabriz.

Information which leaked out of jail indicated that his physical condition had deteriorated significantly. The ban on phone conversations with his relatives only worsened his family's concerns.

In October 2012, Masoud was sentenced to two years in prison by Branch One of Tabriz Revolutionary Court charged with "Propaganda against the regime" and "Insulting the Supreme Leader".

4. Free Fardin Moradpour

Fardin Moradpour is an political prisoner and activist for the rights of the Azerbaijanis in Iran. 21 year old Moradpour is serving six years of jail term since May 2010.

Fardin Moradpour undertook a hunger strike in protest at being severely beaten.

Association for Defence of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners in Iran (ADAPP) believes him to be a prisoner of conscience, held for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression.

Background Information:

On November 24, 2009, brothers Fardin and Morteza Muradpour were sentenced to 6 years and 3 years respectively, having been charged with "propaganda against the regime" and "threatening national security." Fardin Moradpour was additionally charged with "possession of explosives" for having fireworks in his pocket at the time of arrest.

Fardin Moradpour (18) was arrested during an Azerbaijani rights protest, which interrupted a government-sponsored fitness walk in El Goli Park in the city of Tabriz on May 22, 2009. He was detained while chanting Azeri language rights slogans and wielding signs that called for the establishment of Azeri-Turkic language schools.

Security forces responded by firing off their weapons directly into the crowd and shooting tear gas to disperse the protesters. Moradpour was struck and injured by a bullet and upon falling to the ground, a few fireworks explosives that were in his pocket went off, injuring him further. When Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) agents arrived on the scene, they prevented Moradpour from going to a hospital, claiming that he should "bleed to death."

Fardin Moradpour's father, Hasan Moradpour, later arrived on the scene after learning of his son's condition. After calling an ambulance for Fardin, he was detained and taken intoarbitrary custody by the MOIS for one month.

The following day Fardin's brother Morteza Moradpour, a university student who had been present in the El Goli protest but was not arrested, went to the local MOIS office in search of his father and brother. Upon arrival, he was immediately detained. He and his brother, Fardin, were held in arbitrary detention for 3 months only to be released for trial at a later date.

5. Immediate release of Iranian lawyers Abdolfattah Soltani, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah and Mohammad Seifzadeh

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6. Letter to President Barack H. Obama to release Javid Houtan Kian

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7. Free Hussein Nasiri

Hussein Nasiri, an Azerbaijani civil rights and environmental activist was arrested on April 2nd 2010 during a gathering for an environmental campaign to save lake Urmia.

He is currently kept at the Tabriz central prison after a long detention in solitary confinement by security forces in Iran north-west province of Azerbaijan and finally brought to the court after more than five month of detention. He is in prison for vague charge of “propaganda against the system."

Nasiri has been tortured while in Tabriz Intelligence Ministry Detention Center. According to reliable sources, He is suffering from serious medical conditions due to injuries from torture and is deprived of the right of access to medical care.

The Association for the Defense of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners, ADAPP, believes that, he is a prisoner of conscience, held solely for the peaceful civil, cultural and environmental activities.