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Joseph Banks Secondary College has banned earphones for all students, as they claim it is a distraction towards students learning. Several students we have interviewed have said that earphones / headphones should be allowed in the classroom at all times, due to the much higher concentration level. In order to see if this is a school-wide thing, we have started a petition that we could later bring forward to the head of JBSC or Department of Education.

Students deserve to have a safe working environment for their education, and we personally think that music can help.

2. Abolish Christopher Columbus Day at UMD

The American Indian Student Union at the University of Maryland of College Park compels the institution to officially remove Christopher Columbus Day holiday from all university materials and mediums.

One cannot fully support indigenous students and communities at UMD when they are faced with an annual reminder of a "holiday" that represents the pain, genocide, and trauma of indigenous peoples. It is our hope that UMD joins the movement happening in Vermont, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle and other cities and states across the U.S.

3. Allow Exposed Shoulders and Bra Straps

Dress codes have been annoying students for too long. Students attending Sandwich Community High School are subjected to conservative and outdated expectations for clothing by the staff. Let's take a look at some of the incredibly logical and clearly defined guidelines for dress in the student handbook:

-"Students are expected to come to school looking clean and neat and dressed in a manner which is accepted as being in good taste. " Thank you, handbook, for letting us know EXACTLY how to dress to avoid being pulled out of class and humiliated by staff!

-"Students should be attired in clean and seasonably appropriate clothing" Is that a taco stain on your shirt? GTFO. Are you seriously wearing a turtleneck on a hot day? Leave this school immediately, or at least wear something that actually makes sense.

However, Rome wasn't built in a day. We can't expect these old asshats to wrap their minds around the concept of people being in control of their bodies all at once. Therefore, we simply and humbly propose that, at the very least, our skin-and muscle-bound ball-and-socket joints located on either side of our necks be allowed to see the light of day. In other words, let us show our entire shoulders (bra straps included)! If those shoulders are being let out of the dark, they have to bring the chest basket straps with as well!

4. Appeal to the School Committee to change the four-test policy to three tests

We wish to change in the four-test policy, which states that if a student has 4 given tests on a given day, then that student may chose to take one of those tests on another day, so a student only takes 3-4 tests a day.

Instead, the maximum should be three three tests, so a student only takes 2-3 tests.

Thus, we shall create more flexible schedules for the student body. Also, it allows students to spend more time in extracirculars and other activities in which they refine their talents and discover their destiny.

5. Freedom of Speech in Our Schools

In the Washington County Public Schools handbook it clearly states, under the rights and responsibilities of students, that "Students have the right to organize and assemble peacefully." But is it nearly enough when the handbook also states that "Students have the responsibility to consult with school administration to arrange the time and place for student assembly, following the procedures developed by the school administration."?

Does the school administration withhold too much power when our right to free speech is compromised by the "procedures developed by the school administration"?
When our right to freedom of press is allowed "only if the principal or designee has determined that the material is suitable for distribution", is it really a right? Or something that can be stripped of us when the people in power positions deem suitable or convenient for them?

As long as we are peaceful and not disruptive of anyone's inalienable right to a free education, why should others disrupt and undermine our inalienable, fundamental, and constitutional right to freedom of speech and press?

We, as students, refuse to leave our rights at the school doors when we are required by law to attend school regularly until the age of 16. Students, time and time again, are misrepresented in the education system even though they are the ones who have to live through it. This is a first step towards making sure that each student's voice, no matter the opinion, be unrestrained.

We, as students, acknowledge a flaw in the nearly unchecked power given to school administration concerning our rights to free speech and press, and want to peacefully petition against it. Sign below if you agree.

6. Make changes to the Collins Academy High School Demerit system

Collins Academy High School on the west side of Chicago is treating their students unfairly.

They are suspending their students because they are late for school. They are suspending their students because they are not wearing belts. They are suspending their students for voicing their opinions. They are also suspending students for calling their parents because they are being treated unfairly.

7. Snack Machine on Oak Creek Ranch Campus

Studies show that eating small meals (or substantial snacks) throughout the day can lower cholesterol, promote weight loss, improve energy levels, boost metabolism, and preserve lean muscle mass, or in simpler terms; it's better for one's health.

A vending machine with a variety of snack foods (i.e. trail mix, potato chips, chocolate, breath mints, chewing gum) would provide an option for hungry students at any time of the day.

8. 5th Hour PE: Enter Through Band Doors

Every school day, it is a struggle to get to class on time. Because they make eighth graders go to the field at lunch, it makes it difficult to get back to PE. The lunch duties let us in the building through the eighth grade hall, so everyday we have to sprint back down to PE in order to not be tardy.

A lot of the eighth graders are getting very disturbed the more we have to sprint to class. A student should not have to sprint to their classroom everyday, and be on the verge of being late. A student should be able to walk to class at a good fast pace, and still have time before the bell rings to mark him/her tardy.

9. Stop student abuse

This petition was made to show that students' voices should be heard!

Awful decisions have been made under our on consequences, and it's time to stop! It's current goal is to request a slight change in highschools' midterms schedule.

We can't mentally afford to take two tests on the same day (Sunday, 17th of November, 2013) as it was stated in the official schedule released by the ministry itself. (على مستوى الكويت)


As Concerned Alumni of the University of Tampa, as Students attending the University of Tampa (UT), and as Community Members, we agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set forth in UT’s “Student Rights and Responsibilities,” (Student Code).

The UT Student Code consists of 25 Articles. No area of the Code provides for the basic protection of our individual due process rights as Students. In the event we are accused of violating the Code, we are not guaranteed the right to question our accuser(s), call and present relevant witnesses, have a decision determined by substantial evidence, or even the inference to be deemed “innocent" until proven “Responsible” by the University.

Without these basic protections, we are not guaranteed that a fair and reasonable process will result.

11. Recess is a right!

For true learning to take place, children must first learn to dream, to imagine and to inuire.

Our children deserve a chance to play and relax during the school day. Learning to make friends and use your imagination is every bit as important as learning Math and English. Recess 'recharges the battery' so children return to the classroom ready to learn. Recess gives children the freedom to independently learn and practice everyday skills such as communication, sharing, respect, resolving conflict, cooperation and problem solving. Recess also gives the kids a chance to develop and improve motor skills.

Through much research, physical activity has been proven to reduce the risk of various diseases, improve test scores, and build self-esteem in children. However, physical education at the elementary level has seen a decline in recent years. When this occurs, elementary students suffer physically, as well as socially and academically.

Please help us let or kids be kids and keep recess in school!

12. Support a Student Bill of Rights

Petition for an American Student Bill of Rights:

Students in the United States are blessed to have legal rights, freedoms and protections. These include constitutional, civil, contract, consumer rights and rights specific to higher education. They are scattered, however, through a number of legal documents and court decisions making it hard for students to find them.

Please sign this petition for the creation of a National Student Bill of Rights which clearly states what rights exist to protect students and how they are applied in institutions of higher education.

It doesn't matter which country you live in or where you are from, please, show your support. Press the sign petition button at the bottom of the page. You have nothing to lose and students have everything to gain.

13. Services for Sexual Assault Survivors at Concordia University

According to the University of Victoria's Anti-Violence Project, between one in six and one in four women in Canada experience some form of sexual assault during their time at college or university. Clearly, there is an ongoing problem at post-secondary institutions - sexual assault is disturbingly prevalent in society, and colleges and universities are not exempt from this.

However, many post-secondary institutions in Canada are severely under-equipped to address the systemic problem of sexual assault. While it is not our intention to undermine existing services, or “attack” any post-secondary institution for their existing services and policies, the fact is that lack of survivor-specific resources, clear sexual assault policy, and thoughtful awareness initiatives contribute significantly to a college and university culture of silence and alienation among survivors of sexual assault – as well as an environment where predators and potential perpetrators, believing that sexual assault is not taken seriously, are more likely to offend.

Concordia University, like most universities and colleges in Canada and worldwide, currently provides a bare minimum of support services for survivors of sexual assault, and most of these services are provided in accordance with unclear policy, procedures that are inconsistent and sometimes contradictory from department to department, and a framework that seeks to emulate the ways in which the state handles cases of sexual assault - that is to say a framework rooted in unconscious (and conscious) sexism, ciscentricism, heterosexism, racism, and ableism.

We believe that it doesn't have to be like this.

We believe that the university has the resources and moral obligation to provide the following, in the interests of making the Concordia community a safer place for everyone - and of setting an example for post-secondary institutions all across Canada.

1. Sensitivity training for all service providers and security officers at Concordia University. This includes not only trainings on general sexual assault awareness, but anti-racism and cultural sensitivity trainings, trans 101 trainings, and dis/ability rights trainings.

2. A comprehensive, clear and specific policy on sexual assault. We are not satisfied with policies that only address sexual assault in euphemistic terms, including it implicitly under the umbrellas of "physical assault", "threatening and illegal behavior", and "sexual harassment" - these terms serve to obfuscate and confuse, and the lack of a clear and consistent policy plays a huge role in facilitating the current situation. For more on what we want from a sexual assault policy at Concordia, please see this page.

3. Regular sexual assault awareness and prevention initiatives, including promotion of services for sexual assault survivors on-campus. We refuse to accept that many survivors go without support from the university because the administration is too afraid of controversy to advertise the fact that services do exist. We are offended by "prevention" information that targets women as survivors and potential victims, instead of targeting potential perpetrators and fostering a culture of respect and safety.

4. A university-funded sexual assault centre at Concordia. This centre would manage the coordination of service provision for sexual assault survivors at Concordia, facilitate trainings and popular education for university students, faculty and staff, and provide much-needed crisis intervention services and resources on sexual assault and recovery.

We are positive that all of these goals are not only attainable, but attainable within the next academic year. We are excited to be advocating for these changes, and look forward to working with the university to see them to fruition – again, it is not our intention to attack or undermine existing services, but to present, develop and implement new, dynamic and expanded services, to augment and coordinate among existing services, and ultimately to transform Concordia into school that is safe, accessible, and informed to the benefit of everyone within our diverse and valuable community.

14. Atms in Ware County High School

Some parents don’t feel safe with their kids carrying around a lot of money, and they would rather their kids carry debit cards around. In many situations students have to pay fees, sometimes using checks and in return sometimes bounces.

An atm machine can limit the usage of checks,so our school wouldn’t have to worry about losing money. The transaction fee will be approx. $ 1.50. $1.25 going towards the school and the .25 going towards maintenance. After its paid off the money would go towards student activities. Which would definitely save a lot of people a lot of money.

An atm machine will also teach students how to manage money and familiarize them with the machine before going into the real world.

15. Support Religious Rights In School

Lately, schools across the country do not allow you to wear a religious piece of jewelry or have and right to speak your religion in school.

Any student should be allowed to express their religious right.

16. End LBGTQ Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying in College

All college students have a right to a positive experience!

Still on a daily basis, many college students are singled out, teased, harassed, bullied, and labeled with derogatory comments that are shameful, discriminatory, hurtful and uncalled for. Discrimination and constant hazing are also faced by these students simply due to one thing – their sexual orientation. This type of behaviour is inexcusable in any environment and should not be tolerated or made excusable in society today! Every college student deserves to be given the same opportunities and experiences that are memorable and encouraging no matter who they may be.

LBGTQ discrimination, harassment and bullying needs to stop! Stop now!! There is no need for all the violence that goes on just because of sexual preference. Gay or straight, we're all the same - we all have the same heart, we all bleed, and have the same wants like every human in this world. When you impose your beliefs or your discomfort on someone’s life or judge them for who they are or want to be, you create an unhealthy environment.

How would you feel if it was your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin or even YOU that was being hated because of the colour of your eyes or feelings that you have, that you can't change?

17. Improve the quality or lower the price of food in the refectory

The food in the refectory is overpriced for the quality that we receive.

A large sandwich costs approximately £2.50 and a small bap £1.80.

A plate of vegetarian pasta can cost up to £2.80.

6 potato wedges cost £1.

The tuna mayonnaise is soggy, the salad is wet, you barely get any filling in your sandwich for the prices that are being asked.

The hot food is stood for a long time and goes crusty, dry and cold.

For example the breakfasts - the bacon can be hard and cold, the toast can be black and solid having been stood under the warming lamps for too long.

There is barely ever any choice of warm food or different types of bread.

We believe that Selby College has a social responsibility to provide healthy and reasonably priced food whilst we are on campus.

Some students are lucky to receive up to £30 per week in the form of EMA or ALG, when a lunch can cost £4 and we are in college up to five days a week, that is a large proportion of our income.

We have to resort to eating food from the snack machines to obtain something cheap to eat.

18. Girls say NO to longer skirts!

ANCSS has a skirt dress code currently in place that is totally an acceptable length, nevertheless the Principle, Vice Principle, Girls School Administration and Faculty have imposed a new LONGER skirt length requirement to extend below the knee beginning the 2010/2011 school year. History shows that there are, and always will be dress code violators. Therefore, the school should deal with them individually.

The majority of the female students conform and should NOT be forced to wear this matronly, oppressive clothing. Any school should be equipped to effectively handle violators without punishing the masses. It's an unnecessary and unacceptable dress code change. They are so long that the uniform company doesn't even make the skirts in the required dimensions!

19. Wipe all interest charged on non-resident NZ student loans

Kiwi Refugees – there are tens of thousands of us, perhaps hundreds of thousands, forced into a life of exile from our homeland by the actions of our own government.

We are a generation of young New Zealanders who have attended university, received degrees and moved overseas – but alas are fated never to return, due to mounting debt through accrued loan interest, a lack of accessible repayment information, heavy international transfer fees, and now the rumoured threat of asset seizure or jail time if we return.

There is no doubt, we are the guinea pig generation - caught between one generation who are now reaping the benefits of their free education, and another who bask in interest free loans.

The majority of us are productive citizens, some of us are doctors, lawyers, teachers – many of us have gone on to further education and all of us have accumulated valuable experience while overseas, whilst back in the homeland all we have accumulated is a horrendously crippling debt. It ridiculous to think of the money that the New Zealand government is spending trying to entice immigrants to ease the skills shortage, when there are so many skilled New Zealanders living in student loan-induced exile overseas. Surely it would be more beneficial if the government developed a compromise regarding the interest charged on non-resident student loans, thus working to turn the tide of the ever-growing ‘brain drain’.

The New Zealand government has done nothing but show the ‘kiwi refugees’ of ‘the guinea pig’ generation disdain, which is causing a great amount of aggravation amongst the ex-pats. It doesn’t take much more than a quick internet search and a browse through the numerous forums to discover that, although we are scattered across the globe, (making any attempt at presenting a united voice almost impossible) we are unified in the fact that the vast majority of us will never return and, just as the government has turned their back on our plight – we will do the same – openly disowning our country of birth.

20. Let the One-Act-Play team preform for the school!

Our One-Act-Play team worked for a month preparing to represent our school in the One-Act-Play Festival and we won superior. Now we want Mr. Keever to let us preform it for our classmates.

21. Support a Fair Cell Phone Policy

After a year of freedom, the State College Area High School restricted cell phones once again.

Administrators cannot reasonably expect students not to use cell phones during study hall and lunch. Confiscations will just go up, and that does not benefit anyone. It will just be more work for officials and cause more stress for students. Additionally, current confiscation policy requires the battery be with the phone upon confiscation. This leaves phones vulnerable to searches. This may be a paranoid view, however the vulnerability can be avoided, so it is not too much to ask.

If we are shown respect, we will reciprocate by minimizing use during instructional time. This plan is in everyone's best interests.

22. Rights for Morgan County Students

We, the students, need room to make our mistakes these last years to adulthood. Its not right to pursue punishment for petty "crimes."

We aren't horrible misbehaved children. We need our chance to prove it.

23. Vegetarian and vegan menu for Northwestern

Northwestern is filled with vegetarians, vegans, and lactose intolerant students. All these people are having a hard time eating lunch at school because of the lack of interest in providing their menu items.

A school malnourishing their students shouldn't happen.