Petition Tag - sprouts

1. Workers at Natural Grocery Stores deserve a Union

All workers deserve a decent life. And we know that is by organizing to join the union.

As the "natural" grocery markets are booming and expanding there is a need to make sure those jobs benefit the American people.

By forming unions we have a chance to make these jobs careers.

2. Encourage Commanding Officer Wayne Keble to learn to love sprouts

In 2009 the Commanding Officer of HMS Bulwark Wayne Keble OBE, declared that Brussels Sprouts were the 'Devil's vegetable.' The poor sprout was allegedly banned from the Captain's Table.

This petition seeks to encourage, persuade and convince the Commanding Officer that he should try and embrace this humble vegetable. For too long the sprout has been the object of vilification - it is high time it was given an opportunity to show its true worth.