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1. BringSMAback

The purpose of this page is to recall and reinstate the foundation and direction of Sarasota Military Academy. The Academy was founded with certain principles that have recently been abandoned by the present administration in favor of an unknown, uncharted direction.

The semester (four block) program has been replaced with the same program available in every other public school. The academic program is now pre-empted by the infamous IB program, where regular, self-motivated students appear to be “also rans”. The word HONOR no longer appears paramount in the code of the school as decisions are based upon other, often undefined criteria. We are no longer ranked as the example high school that students are proud to attend.

We no longer follow the premises upon which the school was founded. We are not held as the charter school model any longer. We want to take our school back! We want the school to return to the traditions and values upon which the school was founded!

The undersigned students, former students, parents, relatives and friends want SMA to return to the school as it was designed, established and admired, rather just another school with uniforms!

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to bring Sarasota Military Academy back to its original glory.