Petition Tag - skin

1. Batman: Arkham Knight Knightmare (BvS Desert) Skin

We would like to get the Batsuit, from Batman v Superman dream sequence, known as Desert Batsuit and Knightmare suit, as a playable skin in Arkham Knight.

2. Monkey D. Luffy Skin for ZAC in League of Legends

Sign this if you want a Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece skin to happen.Probably a legendary or an ultimate skin because it needs to have Luffy's voice.

3. Label all Topical Steroid Cremes for Potential Severe Rebound Side-Effects

We are a group of suffering people and children from all over the world who were prescribed topical steroids for various skin conditions and got addicted without any warning of the serious side-effects and potential addiction if used for over two weeks.

You can read our stories, see horrific pictures from our group, and read documented medical studies describing those afflicted along with their details of steroid creme addiction and withdrawal.

4. Introduce a Barber Board for Alabama

The Great State of Alabama has for two decades tried to get a Barbering Board. As we know this has not happened. Bootleggers can go to the local business office get a license, to preform all the duties of a Licensed Cosmetologist.

Cosmetologist get their training that continues to help protect the safety of the people we serve. The people deserve to be protected. And the Cosmetologist needs to respect their field of training and do something about it.

5. Petition against seal slaughter

Every year millions of Harp seals migrate to Canada to have their pups but every year thousands of the baby Harp seals get slaughtered by cruel fishermen.

First they are clubbed to death or sometimes not even to death then the sealers put a hook up their nose and drag them to the ship where the seal is skinned, sometimes alive and conscious.