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1. Pedestrian Bridge to Ambuehl Elementary

Provide a pedestrian and equestrian bridge from bike path close to Paseo Esteban to North western side of Ambuehl Elementary.

Traffic has conjested La Novia during school hours. Many children ride bikes from neighboring houses South of La Novia/Calle Arroyo. They must commute all the way down the bike path across a narrow bridge that is shared with vehicles.

Eventually, bikes could be ridden to new San Juan Hills high school without the danger of riding on Ortega Highway.

2. Presumed Shared Physical Custody Equals Happier and Healthier Children

Petition of Brian P. Lees, etal for legislation relative to a presumption of shared physical custody of a child is accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1075. Support Senate Bill 1075 to promote presumption of shared physical custody of a child.