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1. Rights to a free sex offender search

Hello and thank you for reading
We need to push the government to give the OK to a free sex offender registry now
Let's save our children and women from these hidious acts of indecency every second or more person I no has been molested,abused sexually mentally emotionally and financially it ruines lives the nightmares never end the memories replay over and over there is a App in the US that shows you were the sex offender lives there name,crime and address comes up it will make your child or teenager cross the road not play near the park or house were they live I no people that can create apps we need your help fast thank you for listening yours truly another victim Me Sarah

2. Repeal protective custody law

Children are our most vulnerable citizens with few laws for child protection.
Child victims have resorted to suicide and experience lifelong trauma, causing health problems to mental, physical and emotional state of being.
Children are powerless over adults who target children.
We must set precedence to prevent crimes against children.
This petition is initiated by child victim survivor Linda Beaudoin

3. Keep Children Safe

In 2007, Holyrood's justice sub-committee, which was convened in 2006 following the tragic murder of 8-year-old Mark Cummings by a convicted sex offender, published a report containing 33 recommendations intended to minimise the risk posed by violent sex offenders and hopefully prevent a similar tragedy from occurring in the future.

It has now been 8 years since that report was published and one of the critical recommendations has still not been taken forward — a legal requirement for serious sex offenders to disclose information about previous convictions on housing applications.

Some of the other recommendations have not been fully implemented and others are no longer fit for purpose, which is why the system for managing sex offenders is in urgent need of review.

4. Mandatory lengthy jail terms for paedophiles/sex offenders for first conviction

Since 1998 we have been lobbying for the introduction of Mandatory lengthy jail terms for Paedophiles/ sex offenders.

Tougher Federal / State legislation is needed for paedophiles/ sex offenders in Australia.

We Do Not Forget
We Do Not Forgive
We Are Anonymous Australia

5. Scrap the parole system in Australia completely: Life sentences for serious crimes

As seen with recent attacks by parolees, and especially highlighted by the murder of Jill Meagher in Melbourne on 22 September 2012, the idea of paroling offenders has clearly been a disaster. Re-offenders are making a mockery of rehabilitation programs and are using their "success" with them to afford an early release, only to wreak havoc once more.

I hereby call for an end to the parole system completely.

Politicians may baulk at the expense of extra prisons but have no problem wasting billions on useless endeavours uncalled for by the public. At least spending such sums on something that will help the safety of the community will not be spent in vain.

Further, neither parole nor rehabilitation as they stand are protecting the public from the worst crimes in our society. A proper and just sentence of life with no parole for murder, rape and other heinous acts is the only way to protect innocent civilians from those beyond rehabilitation and/or redemption.

6. Expose Child Sex Offenders. Laws Need To Be Changed.

We started this petition because we were unknowingly friends with a sex offender. We didn't know, as he had hidden it well, until I was pointed in the right direction and found everything.

Since then my wife and I have made sure that this person is known for his crimes.

Now we're going the next level to make sure everyone knows where sex offenders are in the UK.



8. Publicly Name and Support tougher sentencing for sex offenders

Australian sex offenders remain unnamed and are allowed to freely roam the streets and participate in the community, yet they take the right to feel safe and secure from their victims. They ruin the lives of their victims and their families. Their cruel and inhuman actions need to be taken more seriously.

They are rarely sentenced fairly and often have their identities protected. When will our government and justice system realise our the safety of children and the community need to become a priority?

Allowing these known offenders to be in our communities after lenient sentencing will no longer be tolerated.

9. No Thompson House on Antrim Rd

No Thompson House on Antrim Rd

10. Death Penalty for Child Sex Offenders

It is 2011 and Australia is still in the dark ages when it comes to the sentencing of criminals, in particular those who commit sex crimes against children.

In a recent trial a judge in Victoria sentenced a woman who had incestual sex with her son for and allowing her husband to repeatedly molest her daughter for five years and three months and ordered she serve two years and three months before being eligible for parole.

This message shows the Australian public as well as the rest of the world that sex offences against children are not of much concern to our judicial system.

We need to call on the PM to bring back the death penalty and harsher sentencing for sex offenders.

11. For The Rights of Survivors & The Safe Guarding of All Our Children

Paedophiles and rapists yesterday won the right to have their names removed from the Sex Offenders Register in a landmark human rights ruling.

Appeal Court judges ruled sex offenders who no longer pose a threat should be given the chance to have their names wiped off the police database. The decision has outraged victims’ groups who fear sexual predators will commit further crimes without any restrictions or supervision of their movements.

The case comes after two convicted sex attackers, including a child rapist, went to the High Court arguing that being on the register for life was a breach of their human rights.

12. Open an Official Website Registry of all convicted sex offenders

I believe that all Australian Citizens have a right to access a free website that lists every single sexual predator in all states of our nation.

As parents, we shouldn't have to be unaware who is living in our neighbourhoods! We want our children to be safe!

Sign this petition if you too are sick and tired of not knowing if your family is safe in your area!

13. Amy's Mission Against Paedophilies

My name is Amy Ellingworth you might read my true life story in Take a Break if not then i was sexually abused by two of my stepfathers which are now both in jail but the second one will be out next year.

I want the government to change the laws against paedophiles. I would like longer sentencing for paedophiles, Sex education taught earlier and More help for victims.

Please sign my petition and help not only me but others. We are not victims we are Survivors.

14. Bring the death Penalty to Canada for sex offenders with multiple convictions

In 1998 while on parole for the sexual assault of an Abbotsford woman, Dean Zimmerman was sent back to jail for severally beating his pregnant wife. In 2005, after being granted early release once again by the Canadian National Parole Board, Zimmerman sexually assaulted a 24-year-old Edmonton woman by holding her captive, tying her up and sexually assaulting her for nine hours.

In 1994 Franklin Shane Dorfer was convicted of breaking into the home of a 69 year old Victoria woman, raping and robbing her. He then broke into a second home and robbed a 71 year old woman. Three years later while out on parole Franklin Dorfer was jailed for six months for a Port Coquitlam break-and-enter. In 2004 he was back on the streets. Shortly thereafter, Dorfer was sentenced to two years in jail for break-and-enter and possession of stolen property. Once again, Dorfer received early parole and is now accused of breaking into the home of an 89-year-old woman in Nanaimo and sexually assaulting her.

In 2005 Brian Edward Abrosimo was arrested for the sexual assault of an 11 year old girl, only days after finishing a six month conditional sentence (served in the community) for assault. Abrosimo has a court history that spans 18 years and includes two previous sexual assault charges, as well as numerous theft, assault and firearm convictions.

In 2004 sexual offender Michael William Gardiner, was released on statutory release in Hamilton. Thirteen days later he sexual assaulted a Hamilton woman, stabbing her multiple times.

In 2005 Colin Daryl Fuson was returned to jail after he was discovered crouching in the shadows in a North Vancouver driveway. Fuson is a violent sexual offender with more than 30 criminal convictions, including break-and-enter and sex offences against adult and teenage females.

In 1999 Clifford Howdle was released on statutory release in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Upon his release, Howdle raped three women over a 36-hour period.

In 2004, convicted sex offender Charles Jamieson left his halfway house in East Vancouver. He then raped five people in Vancouver over a ten day period before being apprehended.

In 2004 Lawrence Sharpe was released from prison after serving a sentence for a violent beating that left a man brain damaged. Twice during his sentence Sharpe received statutory release from the National Parole Board. Both times Sharpe violated the conditions of his release and ended up back in jail. One month prior to the completion of his sentence the National Parole Board declared Sharpe an unmanageable risk to society, yet no further action was taken to keep him behind bars. Sharpe was released and now stands charged of killing two Regina men.

In 1999 Trevor James Fontaine was sentenced to 5 years in prison for sexual assault and attempted murder. Out on parole four years into his sentence, Fontaine befriended Vanderhoof woman Misty Franklin. He then stabbed her in the back of the neck. The 24 year old mother of two is now a quadriplegic and is kept alive by a ventilator.

In 1988 Eli Ulayuk was convicted of manslaughter. After being granted full parole in 2004 he murdered his Yellowknife parole officer Louise Pargeter during their first meeting.

In 2004 Eric Fish walked away from a Vernon halfway house. Six weeks later, 75 year old Bill Abramenko was beaten during a home invasion and later died in hospital. Fish was charged with this murder, and is the prime suspect in the murder of another Vernon resident, 60-year-old Jeffrey Drake. Drake was killed two weeks after Fish left the halfway house, his body found in Okanagan Lake a month later.

In 1997 convicted killer and young offender Serena Nicotine was transferred to a community home in Saskatoon while serving her sentence. Nicotine along with Catherine McKenzie, another young offender, murdered homeowner Helen Montgomery (who had no knowledge that the girls were violent offenders) by hitting her over the head with a cast iron frying pan and stabbing her 15 times.

The Statistics

Many repeat offender statistics in Canada are deceptively low. One of the reasons for this is that Corrections Canada excludes provincial statistics from their rates (federal and provincial correctional departments do not currently share information with one another). An offender serving time in a federal jail who had previously served time in a provincial jail would not be labeled a repeat offender. Out of 310,000 convictions in 2002-03 only 4281 offenders were sentenced to a federal prison. In addition, Correctional Services statistics do not take into account conditional sentences or other non-prison sentences, which have grown in popularity. Finally, Correctional Services rates do not include offenders that have been free for more than three years. In light of these factors, it is easy to see just how misleading these statistics can become.

The few studies that do attempt to track prior convictions across jurisdictions peg recidivism at alarmingly high rates. Six out of every ten convicted offenders aged 18 to 25 in 1999/2000 had at least one previous conviction, according to a new pilot study of court-based recidivism in seven provinces and two territories. Among these repeat offenders, 72% had multiple prior convictions. Nine out of ten offenders sentenced to a federal corrections facility (meaning at least a two year sentence) had at least one prior conviction either in adult or youth court. (Source: Statistics Canada)

The Problem

Dangerous and violent offenders terrorize our communities time and time again. These criminals leave victims in their paths of destruction. Victims like Misty Franklin, the 24 year old mother of two who will spend the rest of her life as a quadriplegic.

These criminals also tie up valuable police time. Officers often have a good idea who is a risk to re-offend and then must go out of their way to try to protect society from these criminals. When a crime is committed police time and resources are further tied up in searching for and arresting repeat offenders and compiling evidence against them.

What our justice system lacks, among other things, is the idea that multiple convictions should result in longer or even permanent sentences. Both our courts and our parole boards are enabling long and active criminal careers.

The same pattern repeatedly emerges. A criminal commits a crime, receives little or no jail time, is let out early if he or she does receive any jail time, offends again, once again receives little or no jail time, once again is let out early if he or she does receive jail time and once again re-offends. In some cases this cycle repeats dozens of times over several decades, creating countless new victims.

The Solution

Unlike certain justice issues, the solution to the problem of repeat offenders is a simple one.


Why let them back into a society that clearly they cant handle or be trusted, they are sick individuals and need to be scared into not doing these things otherwise, yes you will be in jail for the rest of your life and your eventual outcome is death.

This is not unkind this is just, Our children cannot speak for themselves so we have to make this change for them so that they maybe alittle safer and we can sleep at night knowing our justice system is protecting the innocent.

15. Public access website to sex offender registry in Canada

We are asking the Canadian Federal Government, to open the sex offender registry to the Canadian public via a website.

We feel that it is in our children's safety, that we as parents and caregivers, know where pedophiles reside.

16. Support The Sarah Foxwell Act

In light of recent events in Wicomico County, MD involving crimes being committed against children by previously convicted offenders, it has come to our attention that current legislation is insufficient in preventing these crimes from occurring.

We believe the jail system has failed to develop a working plan to rehabilitate these offenders, and there is debate as to whether these offenders can be rehabilitated at all.

We believe the Federal Government has failed to pass legislation that would protect our children from becoming victim to these crimes.

***I would just like to address the comments that I've received regarding the death penalty for sex offenders. I want to say that I completely agree with all of you. The reason I did not include that in the wording for this post is that is hard to get a death penalty sentence for ANY criminal. I feel that atleast this is a start and has some real possibilities of being put into action. I wish we could do more, but I think we should start here.***

17. Stop Pardons for Paedophiles

We feel that, in the case of child molesters, a pardon is not deserved. Its been shown in many studies that these people, can not be 'cured', only supress their desires. Statistics also show, that, 40% of convicted pedofiles, reoffend.

I know people who are in this situation and they are still living with the damage inflicted on them, by these degenerates. Why should they be allowed to be "pardoned" and pretend it never happened?

18. Stop Jennifer Granholm: Save Michigan's Children

Michigan Works Office in Roscommon County reported that they are now starting a program called the Code-Switching: Helping Ex-Offenders Transition to Work (Workshop).

After researching this program I have found out that a majority of these ex-offenders are CSC (Criminal Sexual Contact) who are being released early due to a budget cut supported by Jennifer Granholm.

We need to put a stop to this by releasing non violent offenders and not supporting those who endanger our children. Some may think that CSC is a minor offense, but those of us who care for young children, know that this is unacceptable. We need to petition Jennifer Granholm from releasing these CSC offenders.

19. Time for FREE access to Sex Offender Registries controlled by Federal/Sate Governments

This petition is to get a FREE Sex Offender Register from the State and Federal Government for the general public to be able to view. In the United States they currently have one which allows the general public to find out what sex offenders are living in there area.

Wouldn't you like to know if a paedophiles is living in your neighbourhood, so you can protect your children?

Please take the time to view and to sign this petition.

20. List Sex Offenders' Dates Of Crimes

As I was looking through Megan's Law I discovered that I lived four houses down from a registered sex offender.

His profile on Megan's Law did not tell me when his crimes were committed. Should I be worried? Scared? When did he commit these crimes?

I don't know about you, but I would feel a lot better living next to a sex offender who committed crimes 30 years ago, rather then two years ago.

Megan's Law needs to list the dates of the sex offenders crimes to ease our minds, even just a little bit.

By the way... why don't murderers need to register when they are released from jail? Just some food for thought.

21. Make the US Gov. Create A “Stop Child Pornography and Protect Children’s Rights LAW”

Pedophiles use the Internet to hunt down sexually explicit images of children and other illegal images. If we could reduce the images that are being distributed and downloaded dramatically it would reduce child crimes in the US and possibly help reduce them throughout the world. We as American citizens are proposing that the US government create a law

a) mandating that all Internet Service Providers, public and private, to install filters to filter out child pornography

b) To keep track of all child porn and related sites to be blocked by these filters in a data base and require these filters to update themselves automatically every 7 days or reasonable time frame.

c) Make law enforcement responsible for reporting and adding new sites that have been detected to the data base

d) mandating that all Internet Service Providers, public and private, to report all child pornography related issues on their network to authorities and mandate them to release all information about the person that committed the crime which would mean making and amendment to the Privacy Act of 1974 to force them to be able release that info.

This filter would block all known and future recognized child pornography sites and related sites. It would allow all other non-illegal websites. The US government would be required to keep a database of all child porn and related sites to be blocked by these filters and require these filters to update themselves automatically every 7 days or reasonable time frame. They would also be responsible for adding new sites that have been detected. For example, Australia has a similar filtration system. The Australian government requires that all of its citizens to have filtering software or install a filter to block child pornography sites and they block all pornographic sites that are not rated. Those sites are stored in a database created by the ACMA

This filter would also help reduce the amount of children being molested for photographs. Someone is committing a crime during the creation of these images and hurting our children. It would also drastically reduce the amount of sex offenders that have accidentally downloaded child pornography. It would cut down on court costs and jail time for the offenders and would reduce tax dollars. This would allow more funding to help the government set up counseling centers for victims and go after the people committing the crimes against children or other related or unrelated issues. Reported cases of child sexual abuse reached epidemic proportions, with a reported 322 percent increase from 1980 to 1990. (Source: Sorensen & Snow, 1991) Before 1980 child pornography was almost non-existent, since the explosion of the Internet the amount of child pornography is staggering. The main way to solve a dilemma is to determine the root cause. If the root cause were eliminated then the issue would take care of itself. The root cause of child pornography is the Internet and we need cut it off their distribution source.

There are people that think that this would be unconstitutional. How would blocking just the material that is illegal in the US and is hurting our children but allowing everything else violate any amendment to the constitution? The images of the children are taking away their rights so why would anyone have the "Right" under the constitution to view those illegal images. Our children have the right to be protected. Also, how could the constitution protect this type of obscene material to be freely traded and downloaded by anyone who lives in the US? And possibly viewed by your own children. The United States customs are already manually filtering out obscene and illegal materials that come into the United States. The US does not allow drugs to come into the country then why should they allow child porn.

Let's eliminate the ease of the crimes against children and stop fueling the people that want to view these images. Pedophiles are not born pedophiles. Child pornography helps create pedophiles out of people that would not normally be one. That would reduce Pedophiles wanting to produce the images and committing crimes against our children. Remember our children are the future! Let's all make the government protect them.

22. Repeal Megan's Law

In 1994, the world bears witness to the tragic sexual murder of seven year old Megan Kanka at the hands of a neighbor who was a convicted sex offender.

The law that was named after her bore good intentions, but sadly, the original intent of Megan's law is being abused by forcing not only the most dangerous sex offenders, but anyone convicted of a "crime" related to sex to register as a sex offender, where information about their lives can be made public, thus making employment, housing and many other rights we all take for granted difficult, if not impossible in many cases for the "offender" in question.

Everyone from the adult who was lied to by an adolescent sex partner concerning her age, to the person whose great crime was streaking or urinating in a public park, ALL are considered sex offenders and subject to the same registration laws that pedophiles and rapists are.

Again, this was never the intent of the law and it must be stopped! Don't think that this couldn't happen to you or someone you love.

23. Prevent passage of well-intended but wrongly focused bill S.1738 Combating Child Exploitation Act of 2007

This bill, if passed, will increase funding for cyber crimes against children in cases of child pornography and child enticement.

Although the bill is well intended, the bill is focused on funding the investigation, prosecution and conviction of persons in entrapment and possession of child pornography cases, and not on true sexual predators.


Sarah's Law calls for a range of measures to curb and control paedophiles. But at its heart, we want Sarah's Law to enshrine one simple reform.

That is: Controlled Access To Information... The LEGAL RIGHT of every parent to know the identity of serious child sex offenders living in their community.

25. Public Data Base on Convicted Sex Offenders and Paedophiles

It is an expectation of each individual to maintain and promote a safe environment for all children and for those who are unable to defend themselves.

It should be an obligation of our government to provide reasonable information that will benefit those of us who are caring for our future, those who are our children.

In achieving a safe environment it should be expected that our government make freely available a database listing convicted sex offenders and paedophiles. It should be without hesitation that such a database be available not just to a select few but to the whole of Australia and so that all socio-economic backgrounds can benefit without financial discrimination.

26. Sex offenders should have no rights

I belive that every child's right is to have freedom. Now there is no freedom with men learking arould and knowbody cares about the children when these men are released from jail.

They are free to move around the world free to harm again and we need to put a stop to it.

So we the public need to know where these men are every time your child is out and that your child might never come home due to a SEX OFFENDER.


27. One strike law for child sex offenders

One strike law for convicted child sex offenders in order to protect American children and their right to a safe environment.


This Petition refers to Convicted Sex Offenders. Currently, these Pedophiles have to register for 10 short years from the time of their conviction. THIS IS INSANE!

Please sign this Petition & forward to as many people as possible. A little bit of insight---my son was 3-1/2 years old when I found out he was being victimized!?! So, these people MUST register for the duration of theIr life. Pedophiles CANNOT be rehabilitated and it is up to us to get ths Bill enacted in Congress! Once I receive what I hoe to be a significant petition, I am headed to Capitol Hill to fight to have this Bill passed immediately! The Petition is named "Gage's Law".

Lastly if anyone is interested in joining me in Washington, D.C. - please let me know! Thank you! Dee Dee...

29. Sarah's Law for the Uk!

Parents have THE RIGHT to know about child sex offenders living in their neighbourhood. However the government has now backed away from introducing a US-style "Megan's law" into Britain. The home office minister Paul Boateng made clear that a public right to names and addresses is not likely to be made available. Isn't it about time to put needs of of children before the needs of convicted sex offenders?