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1. Give us the Spongebob Deleted Scenes

We've all seen the removed scenes from "Procastination" and "Just One Bite", but there are MOAR Spongebob scenes that were deleted from several other episodes like in "Fools in April", Before Squidward speaks to Patrick (who he mistakes for Spongebob), he speaks to Sandy, In "Truth or Square", Sandy got a theme song too, In "Sandy's Rocket" a part with Plankton stealing a krabby patty but Spongebob captures him was removed, but that isn't all of them... (

If you want these scenes released to the public, Sign the petition and help reach 10,000 or even 100,000 signatures.

2. Re-do the Lord of the Rings movie will all the scenes

Let's re-do the movie and create a new one, called "haldir of lorean" based on lord of the rings' elves.

3. Release The Goonies Cut Scenes

For years now all The Goonies fans from across the globe have been waiting for the un-released footage from the film including the:

Chunk and Sloth scene, were Sloth eats the T-bone.
The Oath scene.
The Plank scene.
The leeches scene.

Warner Bros need to get these cut scenes released on a DVD or to be hosted somewhere on the net. If this petition does not help us Goonies might be forced to take drastic matters.!!

Give us the cut scenes.

4. Put Faramir/Eowyn Scenes In The RoTK Extended Edition DVD

This is petition is for the fact that Peter Jackson cut the Faramir/Eowyn scenes out of Return of the King, and I/we would like them to be put into the Extended Edition of the movie at least. They were important part of the book even though it was a romance and cutting the scenes not only confused many people as to Faramir and Eowyn's fate, but it left their stories open ended.

5. More Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe is a talented and an attractive actor on Passions. He is good looking with a great body and good acting skills.

We the fans of Passions ask the writers and directors of Passions to better utilize the Actor Jesse Metcalfe. We like to see more storyline involving the character Miguel and more hot shirtless scenes and love scenes of Jesse Metcalfe. Please don't waste the talent you have on the show.

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street {Special Edition} box set

The Nightmare on Elm Street films have been an icon in the horor world, New Line has already given us a box set (with bonus DVD), but I have found the deleted/ alternate scenes. What I'm asking is for New Line to make a new box set with a deleted scenes section. I'm sure all "Nightmare" fans would like to see Nancy survive at the end of part 3, well if the deleted/alternate scenes were put in you would.

7. A Better Hocus Pocus DVD

Hello, This petition was started for the fans of the movie Hocus Pocus (1993). Were you very impressed with the features of the Hocus Pocus DVD released in June? Nope, neither was I. I started this petition in the hopes of getting a big amount of people to sign saying they want a better Hocus Pocus DVD with special features such as Deleted Scenes from the movie featured in the theatrical trailer, Behind the Scenes featurettes, or Interviews. Please sign here with a small note if you feel a Special Edition Hocus Pocus DVD or some recognition to the movie is something you'd like to see done. The Nightmare Before Christmas, also made in 1993, was made into a Special Edition DVD including the deleted scenes, trailer, behind the scenes documentary and a lot more. The things the movie fans would love. Thank you for your time! ~The people of Hocus Pocus Online.

8. Friday The 13th Part 7 Re-mastered Uncut DVD

How can I help get Part 7 uncut on DVD?

Now, you may be a little confused but don't. This is the plan: When Jason X
is released, Mr Buechler (director of Part 7) wants to make a noise. Well in
the mean time to Jason X being released, all the fans on the web need to come together and send letters and printed off E-mails to the following

12031 Vose Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605

We need to send lots of letters and printed off E-mails and this will all
build up into sacks and sacks full hopefully. Then when Jason X is released
and Mr Buechler has alot of letters, he is going to call Paramount and
arrange a meeting and take in all these letters in a big sack at once. They
won't be able to ignore that!
If you consider yourself a Friday the 13th fan please, write some letters
and print off E-mails and send them to

12031 Vose Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605

The letters on the inside have got to be Dear Paramount. But the address on
the outside has to be

12031 Vose Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605

That way Mr Buechler will recieve them and take them into Paramount and that
means Paramount can not lie and say they have not recieved any. We can't
wait to see there reply when Buechler brings in sacks and sacks full of
Also, say what you would like to see on the dvd, give features and pitch a
concept. But make sure you ask for Part 7 to be released uncut and be
Please send your letters and printed off E-mails and let's get Friday The
13th Part 7 and the rest of the series uncut on dvd.

We can do this and we will, remember every letter counts that inculdes yours
so take a few minutes and write that letter! It took over a 1000 letters to
get Star Trek back on the air so it will take about that to get Part 7 uncut
on dvd.

I have a (horror)website can I help?

Yes you can, please put this link on your page and link it to this site so
more people will find out about how to get Part 7 uncut on dvd. We will link
you back ofcourse, just let us know!

Link it to


Scenes that were cut.

- Michael's death by spike was more graphic.(Tina's flashback of him was
more graphic as well)

- Dan's death with Jason's hand busting through him was more graphic and

- When Russell got gacked w/ Jason's axe there was a BIG burst of blood like
a fountain!

- When Judy was slammed in the sleeping bag, there's more hits against that
tree, and each progressively bloodier than the last

- When Maddy was killed we got to see the syth bite into her neck.

- When Ben's head got crushed-- it got squeezed to the size of a bloody

- When Dr. Crews got gutted, we got to see his guts

- When Melissa was axed, we got to see the impact.

- And the final teaser ending of the film was removed, where Jason comes up
from the depths and kill an unsuspecting fisherman

- There were also several subtractions of blood and effects track elements
that are missing throughout the film. These scenes exist in one form or