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1. بيان الأطباء لرفض إهانة نقابة الأطباء المصرية لسميرة إبراهيم وبنات مصر

أرفض البيان الصادر باسم نقابة الأطباء الذي يعلن فيه أن النقابة شاركت في الدفاع عن الطبيب المتهم بكشوف العذرية وأعتذر باسمي الشخصي كطبيب وإنسان قبل أي شيء لسميرة إبراهيم وكل بنات مصر الذين أصابهم من العسكر ما أصابهم مما لم يفعله الصهاينة في حربنا معهموأطالب نقابة أطباء مصر بالاعتذار وإصدار البيان التالي

2. Free Alaa Abd El Fattah

Egyptian activist, blogger, and software developer Alaa Abd El Fattah who played a major part in the Egyptian revolution, has been unlawfully detained, after voluntarily responding to a summoning by a military prosecutor, since 30 October 2011.

Refusing to recognise the validity of the interrogation, or the military prosecutor questioning him, Alaa was faced with charges including inciting violence and theft of weapons, despite unquestionable evidence to contradict. Alaa's silence also stemmed from his belief in the huge part the military played in the killing of peaceful protesters in that particular incident.

Following an international campaign against military trials for civilians, Field Marshal Tantawi, Egypt's interim leader, ordered the case to be transferred from a military prosecutor to the State Security Court.

Expected to have been released this week, Alaa's case was rejected by an Appeals Court and The High State Security Court has added the charge of premeditated murder with the intention of committing an act of terrorism to the list of the charges he is facing.

Many believe Alaa's detention is a tactful mind game played by the military council to scare off other Egyptian activists for whom Alaa seemed embody the true spirit of the great Egyptian revolution.

His wife, Manal Hassan, is expected to give birth to their first son, Khaled, this week.