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1. Pay Raise for Firefighters, Emts and Paramedics

I have contacted the Human Resources Department in over Thirty different Florida counties and have received proof of the current starting pay for Firefighters, EMTS, Paramedics and dual Certified Firefighters in those specific counties. I also personally know someone who is employed in one of these counties as a Dual Certified Firefighter/EMT.

I am more than willing to share the specified information if need be!

Firefighters, Paramedics, EMTS and Law Enforcement very often put their lives on the line to save the lives of others and their belongings but in return do not get the treatment, Benefits or pay they deserve, therefore forcing them to work multiple other jobs in order to support their families and just make ends meet!

2. Stop Gas Hike, and pay hikes for rich, and Government Employees

Gas has risen to 40%, and the Government is getting a pay increase of 2.2 %, while the poor get a 1% pay increase to the minimum wage and the the cost of gas to heat your home goes up 40%.

It's about time the poor stand up and demand a decent life for themselves and their Children!

3. Start Members of Parliament on realistic salaries

When elected by the people to government, many MP's are young and have only been voted in on a wave of discontent with the current government.

They have not had to prove themselves and in some instances have no work or life experience.

This inexperience is rewarded with a 6 figure salary. After the last pay hike, a state backbencher's base pay rose to $130,540 - more than double the average wage in Queensland. Allowances range from $36,652 to $72,741 depending on the size of the electorate.

It's time we the public, have a say on what pay is given and how the MP's are measured and appropriately rewarded!

4. Irish Government needs a severe pay cut

We, the Irish Citizens have voices, and it's high time we used them. We are calling for the Government to take considerable pay-cuts.

The Taoiseach and all other members should earn no more than 140,000 euro per year, and an expense account disallowed.

These are not outrageous demands. Other country leaders, such as the Prime Minister in the UK, and even the President of France earn a much smaller sum, per annum.

5. Support an Increase in the Minimum Wage in Israel

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation voted to support a bill, which over 15 months would gradually raise the monthly minimum wage from NIS 3,850 to NIS 4,600.

25% of all wage earners in Israel (including 43% of hospitality and food service workers ), have salaries that fall between the current and the proposed higher minimum wage.

The Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz has came out against the proposed law raising the minimum wage. Steinitz, in appealing the decision to cabinet secretary said that implementing the law would make the cost of labor substantially more expensive.

Similarly the Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer has come out in opposition saying it will make Israel less competitive by hurting manufacturers, primarily those dependent on low-paid labor and those trying to compete internationally.

The current minimum wage in Israel is not realistic and does not properly take in to account the actual cost of rent, food, transportation, energy costs and other bills.


Hereby join together to register our strong disapproval of pay cut for bus drivers

We say to union 270: NO PAY CUTS!
We say to union 270: The salary of senior employees affected by the announced pay cut of July 1st, 2009 must be immediately restored to the salary they had immediately prior to the pay cut announcement.”

The petition comes in response to reported pay scale change at First Student that will affect about 50 of the company's technical employees. The change, which will reclassify the employees and adjust the mix between seniority employee salary and new employee salary.

7. Minimum Wage is Still Too Low

In 2005, there are 587 000 people working below minimum wage. In 2008, about 5.8 million people are trying to earn an annual salary of $17 000 and supporting a family on top of that.

Visible minorities, women, workers with disabilities, part time workers, those with less than a high school diploma and recent immigrants are all suffering and earning even less than minimum wage.

Low wage workers who work form paycheque to paycheque with no job security and are usually undertrained, under respected, and are stuck in dead-end jobs. They are on the margin line of being in heavy debt.

8. Trainee Solicitors' Group - Save the minimum salary

This petition will be sent to the Law Society and any other relevant parties involved in the Training Framework Review.

9. Against Longevity Freeze or Cut

Longevity Pay

Transcripe from City of Winston-Salem Employee Handbook 2003.


NOTE: This benefit does not apply to employees employed or certified for benefits on or after September 1, 1996.

After you have been employed full-time with the City continuously for five or more years, you are eligible for longevity payment each year. It is based upon the amount of your salary and your length of service.

Length of employment is based on the number of years service as of November 30 of the year in which the longevity payment is made. Longevity payments are based on basic annual salary as of June 30th of the year in which the longevity payment is made.

Longevity payments are calculated as follows:

Years of Service

20+ Percentage of Annual Salary

2 1/2%
4 1/2%
7 1/2%

In the case of retirement or death during the year, a pro-rated longevity payment amount will be paid to the employee or the beneficiary.

10. Demand that the South Umpqua School District lower administrative salaries

The administrators in the South Umpqua School District are making above the average salary for the state. Yet our teachers are making well below that average. If the teachers are to recieve a well below average salary, so should the administrators.