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1. Production of Final Four Episodes of Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

In 1999, Sony Pictures produced the computer-animated series “Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles”, which drew elements both from Robert Heinlein’s 1959 novel, and Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 film adaptation, appealing to the fans of book and film alike.

The series quickly gained a strong following, receiving praise from numerous science-fiction and television magazines, winning an Emmy, and being nominated for several other awards.

However, due to time and money constraints, four key episodes representing the dramatic final bend of the final story-arc were halted in mid-production, and replaced with four stand-alone clip-shows, which consisted mostly of recycled animation. But according to producer Audu Paden, the producers felt their originally planned stories were so strong, a case could be made for restoring them at a later time.

That time is now. The four missing episodes are very close to completion. The writing and scripting are done; the story’s ending is decided. The voice actors have already recorded the necessary dialogue. Storyboards and animatics lay ready to be referenced by animators and composers for a final product that can only provide a profitable boost to the Starship Troopers franchise.

Roughnecks endures as one of the best-written and most outstanding animated series television has ever seen. Its compelling story and powerful themes have touched the hearts of viewers in over thirty countries. Sony Pictures can no longer leave their impressive work unfinished, but must see it through to completion, thus stimulating their own revenue, and providing their fans with the long-awaited closure of this beloved series.

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2. Production of Final Three Episodes of Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

The series Roughnecks: the Starship Troopers Chronicles ran in 1999, won an Emmy, and was nominated for two Golden Reel awards. The show gained a cult following, and due to the efforts of its fans, the show was released on DVD in 2001.

These fans have been highly disappointed, however, to discover that the final three episodes of this series (which never appeared on TV) were in fact never produced. The voice-overs were already recorded, the writer, Jeff Kline, already had the plot outlined, but the project was canceled before the episodes could be made.

The fans who clamored for a DVD release in 2001 are standing up once again to ask a favor of Sony, and that is that Sony produce the final three episodes of this beloved series, using the already recorded voice-overs and plot outline laid out by writer Jeff Kline.

The final three episodes only total 1 hour of run-time, less than a feature length film. No actors or new writers are necessary; only animators are needed to finish the visual aspect of these final episodes. The clamor from fans was great enough for Sony to release the entire series on DVD, and the clamor is loud enough now for Sony to finish these few episodes and reap the benefits of their DVD sales.