Petition Tag - reverend

1. Justice for Priests

The zero tolerance policy was a necessary measure at the time of its adoption; however the policy has proven to be extremely unjust and devastating to our falsely accused priests and clergy.

The policy justifiably protects the rights of the victims but does not provide the same protection for our current falsely accused priests who are in the midst of an appeal. We must defend the basic rights of our accused priests who currently have a pending case. Our Church must bring an end to this injustice immediately.

2. Support Father Salvatore Rodino

Recently, our beloved priest and spiritual leader Father Salvatore Rodino was placed on administrative leave. He has been falsely accused and is currently in the process of an appeal to prove his innocence.

We are extremely hopeful that justice will be served as Father Rodino will soon return to his great ministry at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Community in Wynantskill, New York. Our parish family strongly stands united behind him.

As part of our support efforts we have launched a website in his honor called This website provides his many past, present parishioners, family and friends an opportunity to seek positive and encouraging ways to support Father Rodino and each other during this difficult time.

3. Help RELEASE an INNOCENT man from death penalty

This petition urgently requests for a fair treatment and justice for Reverend Rinaldy Damanik. He has been charged over 'the suspect in the outbreak of violence' and is held captive under Indonesian Police. Despite failing to find any charge against Rev. Damanik, Indonesian Police have twice extended his detention. This innocent man awaits a trial for a crime he never committed. If he is convicted, Reverend Rinaldy will possibly face long years in prison or even the death penalty.
Please find compassion in your heart and rescue this man from any penalty he does not deserve. I believe that he has no malice in his heart and only seek to love and serve others.

He is a 'respected leader who united thousands of refugees'. These same refugees of Tetena are now, also, strongly behind Rev. Damanik. They are protesting his innocence.
The last thing we want to happen in this world of turmoil and terror is for people like Rinaldy Damanik to be executed. They are light bearers who bring peace and unity within a broken society. What we are doing for them is not enough. They and their families deserve much, much, much more respect and protection than we currently give.
Please, I ask again, help pardon Rinaldy Damanik from such an unfair treatment. He is not the one who should be paying for such conspiracy.
Thank you for your time and consideration.