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1. We need Trump to declare PR a disaster zone and send military and medical relief.

The island of Puerto Rico, a US Commonwealth with a population exceeding 3.5 million people has been hit by two Hurricanes back to back. Irma had already damaged 75% of the electric grid. After Maria the island has no power, all Cell Phone Towers are destroyed. The island has no communication in over 85% of the population. Very few had generators. All landlines have been destroyed as well.
There are thousands of elderly, disabled, children that rely on medical devices that need electricity in order to function and to sustain their lives.
Being that it is an island makes it very difficult for aide to be delivered, ships will take weeks, planes can only do so much. This is a tragic disaster that has wiped the whole island. Additionally it's only a matter of time before looters and violence will escalate. They have no running water either.
The casualties will only grow in numbers as people in need will perish. Disease is sure to become an issue. Children will die with no proper medical attention.
People are trapped in their homes and now there are several dams with structural damage that are soon to create even more floods. This is a terrifying moment for the Boricua here in the states. Let's unite and get the word of mouth of this petition to hopefully pressure the administration to act as if their lives depended on it. We need to deliver military, medical, search and rescue, satellite phones, triage centers. This is no different than an earthquake or war.
We need to act now, today, and be resilient in the support of every single citizen of the island. Boricuas al Rescate starts now!

2. The International Red Cross must have full access to West Papua!

West Papua is one of the poorest areas in Indonesia where most of the people live at subsistence level with appalling health, welfare and education problems. This despite its vast reserves of copper, gold, oil, gas, and virgin hardwood forests. None of the profit from plundering these resources goes to the people of West Papua.

We support the West Papuans in their right to self determination to decide their own future. However, there is an excessively high number of Indonesian troops and military style police (estimates range between 12,000 - 30,000; we are unable to confirm these numbers due to lack of transparency) stationed in this region. There is no open and free access to the country.

The Red Cross is an impartial independent organisation with an exclusive humanitarian mission. Since 1949 the Red Cross has had an international mandate conferred on it by the Geneva Conventions, which task the ICRC with visiting prisoners, organising relief operations, re-uniting separated families and similar humanitarian activities during armed conflicts.

The Statutes of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement encourage these organisations to undertake similar work in situations of internal violence, where the Geneva Conventions do not apply.

3. Petition to the Australian Red Cross National Board

The Board of the Australian Red Cross proposes to close the Voluntary Aid Services First Aid Teams across NSW on 1st December 2009.

The First Aid Teams currently provide First Aid to local Sporting and Community Groups across NSW.

4. Highway in the town of Red Cross

Petition to design the widening of Highway 24-27 in the town of Red Cross, North Caroina from the proposed 4 lane highway with a median to a 5 lane highway with curb and guttering.


Please sign this petition to show your appreciation to the Salvation Army and also the Red Cross. May God Bless America!