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1. Say No to Cheap (bad) Beer

WE BELIEVE in the age old tradition of beer drinking. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy".

On the other hand, discount beer is proof that God also likes to mess with our minds every once in a while. WE RECOGNIZE that there is money to be made from the sale of discount beer and that not everyone can afford the good stuff. Oh sure... there are more noble causes that we could take up.

Yet, we cannot sit back and watch one more poor wretch walk out of the beer store trying to conceal the swill-in-box that some would pass off as beer. Besides, all the good causes are already taken. We are PiSSD that people are compelled to compromise their standards when it comes to beer and we are PiSSD that some brewers are taking advantage of the poor, the thirsty, the befuddled masses.

WE COMMIT ourselves, one bartender, one voice, one beer at a time - to make a better tasting world for everyone.