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1. Doctor Who? Doctor Phelps!

Doctor Who is a wonderful franchise in which many people enjoy vastly. The Phelps Brothers are two very favoured actors. Imagine the brothers being the Doctor?

Help us on our mission to make Oliver and James Phelps become the new Doctors. It would be extraordinary -- the idea of having the two redheads being our brilliant Doctor.

2. Shut down WBC

In order to promote both the physical and mental safety and well being of the citizens of this country and the members of the Westboro Baptist Church this petition moves to legally disband the Westboro Baptist Church on the following grounds.

First, after watching the investigations conducted by several media agencies and the conduct of the members, we have determined this church to be a cult that brainwashes it's members into actions that can only be described as hate crimes.

Any non religious organization that encouraged the breaking of laws in this manner would be similarly disbanded. Thus we believe it only fair to treat them in the same manner.

Secondly, they are incestually based. This church has only the members of two families to call it's following, and does not allow members to marry outside of the church. Thus, the church is either already doomed or they will have to break the laws against marrying ones family. If they are already doomed, there is no harm in disbanding them anyhow, and if they elect to force incestual marriages then they would be disbanded on that basis. We see no reason to not nip the issue in the bud.

Thirdly, the activities required by Phelps place the children in danger. By picketing the funerals of anyone whom they can claim was killed in one way or another by 'fag enabling' they are pissing off people who are in an understandably unstable mental state, and who are likely to react violently, regardless of the presence of children.

Fourth, the church has resorted to abuse of foreign dignitaries, harassing Princess Madeleine of Sweden with degrading faxes for her country's stance against hate speeches.

3. Give Skye a story on General Hospital

This petition is to stop those in charge of General Hospital from wasting a complex character like Skye and the talents of Robin Christopher by not writing for her.

Since Lorenzo's death months ago, Skye has only been on average of once a week. All of her potential storylines have gone nowhere. Although central in Lorenzo's death, Skye has barely been involved in the investigation of his murder. We have yet to see if Skye feels guilty for her part in his death.

The few scenes she shared with Jerry Jacks have come to nothing. There were hints of starting a relationship with Ric Lansing that have gone nowhere. The possibility of repairing her relationship with the Quartermaines has gone nowhere. It's barely been mentioned that Skye has inherited everything from Lorenzo's estate.

Any one of these possibilities could have been turned into a viable story yet instead Skye has gotten barely 5 minutes a week with no storyline for the past few months.

4. People for safer schoolchildren - Phelps and Clifton Springs

On Friday December 8, 2006, a Midlakes senior was killed in a fatal car accident. The student, a new driver, lost control of the vehicle and went across the median.

She was then struck by an on coming vehicle going 55 mph. If the vehicle that struck her was going 30 mph or less, the life of that student could have been saved.