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1. Support Video Recording of Parsons City Meetings

City officials have claimed that there is not much interest from the public regarding video recording of City meetings. By signing this petition, you will show them that there is in fact an INTEREST!

Not everyone has the time or ability to attend every meeting, or the money to request a copy of information from the meeting. In this day and age, it is quite simple to video record a city meeting, and either upload the file to the city's website, upload the video to YouTube, and/ or stream it live either online or on channel 5. There are people who do not get off work until after 5pm, which makes attending a City Commissioner Work Session impossible, as they start at 4:30pm.

The City Commissioner Meetings take place on Mondays at 6pm, there are people who work 2nd shift, they go in around 3pm, which means that attending these meetings is impossible. There are many people in this community living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and/ or home bound who are unable to attend the meetings. Do you believe that only certain people should have the right to stay informed? Should information be limited to those who are lucky enough to have the time, money, and transportation to attend meetings or is it a right that should be available to all residents who wish to seek it?

Do you see the ability to stay informed about city issues as a luxury that has only been earned by a few? If not, support all Parsons residents by signing this petition to support their right to stay informed without having to sacrifice time and money to do so. Thank you for your time and support!

2. Appreciation for Parsons

Parsons has taught us very much over the years. This petition is to show our appreciation for it.

3. Open Parsons Field

We would like the Parsons Memorial field and playground to be open permanantly from the date of March 9th, 2004 on outdoor days. The aids say that the field is wet, isn't that why we had to wait 6+ months, for the field to have drainage systems installed?

The playground does not have drainage systems, we (the students)would understand if it is closed after it rains. We would like that anyone who signs this petition not to get in any kind of trouble.