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1. Remove Dry Max technology from Pampers Nappies!

Many parents have noticed their children having adverse skin reactions in the nappy region after the introduction of "Dry Max" technology into their "Active Fit" and "New Born" (called "Cruisers" etc in other countries) range of nappies.

Some parents believe that the rashes are linked to the "Dry Max" technology and at the very least these nappies leak and are not for purpose sold. If you feel as strongly as we do please sign this petition.

2. Give families a tax break for using cloth diapers

Inaccurate and Misleading Information from Disposables Manufacturers

* It's the late 1980's, people are becoming concerned about the environment. Disposables are on the decline. The disposables manufacturers fight back. Articles and advertisements say disposables are OK. Many mothers, glad to hear that and relieved of guilt, switch to disposables. Disposables manufacturers say energy usage is the same for cloth or disposables, but the fact is that throwaways use five times more energy than reusables.

* About 5 million tons of untreated body excrement, which may carry over 100 intestinal viruses, is brought to landfills via disposables. This may contribute to groundwater contamination and attract insects that carry and transmit diseases. In 1990, 18 billion disposables were thrown into United States landfills.

Is it wise to use 3.4 billion gallons of oil and over 250,000 trees a year to manufacture disposables that end up in our already overburdened landfills? These disposables are not readily biodegradable. The paper must be exposed to air and sun to decompose. Thirty percent of a disposable diaper is plastic and is not compostable. Even if the rest of the diaper could be composted, these plants could only handle 400 of the 10,000 tons of diapers tossed in landfills EACH DAY, assuming they didn't have to process any other compostable garbage.

Biodegradable diapers have cornstarch added to the plastic to break it into tiny pieces. The pieces still end up in landfills.

3. Ban Pamper's Products

Ban Pampers Products.
Pampers/Proctor & Gamble has started a controversial ad campaign promoting tetanus shots through Unicef. They are donating .05 cents from the sale of their diapers and wipes, with a *Target* of giving 45 millions neonatal tetanus shots to pregnant women, mostly in poor, underdeveloped countries.

Tetanus shots are dangerous, and the adjuvants in them are known to cross the placenta and brain barriers. It is my intention for P&G to stop this damaging campaign that may contribute to harming pregnant women, with these controversial shots, as well as the potential to harm their unborn babies, with birth defects, spontaneous abortions, and possible stealth ingredients to sterilize, hidden in these tetanus shots. That has happened in the past and is well documented!
NOTE: More men than women contract tetanus. And if consenting adults want to get a normal tetanus shot, at least let the pregnant women give birth before offering these free vaccines. Free is a shoddy way to Mandate global vaccinations!. Uninformed is not truthful consent.
Give them the opportunity to know and understand the Full Information/insert label warnings, cautions, side effects etc., in order for them to make that "Informed" Choice and decision

Proctor & Gamble does not apprear to be overly concerned about popular opinion with this current and controversial vaccine ad campaign, as per their nebulous response to me that they feel they are doing a good thing. Their timing with this campaign is not good, giving the growing concern about vaccine dangers, efficacy, injuries, autism and deaths. In their continued progression of this campaign, with what they say is their interest in saving women and babies, they may well be doing their part in contributing to harming and killing 45 million pregnant women and/or their unborn children.
Unicef's other various vaccine programs, may contribute to harming millions more.

It is the feeling of this petitioner that P&G could be spending those donations in a more positive, purposeful light. That being: donations to research for autism spectrum, vaccine dangers/injury awareness, and information about rights NOT to vaccinate. Or to give these pregnant women, food, vitamens, better water sources and sanitation, as well as prenatal care.
At the very least, give THEM diapers and wipes, NOT Vaccines!
Vaccines are an iffy science, with little proof that they protect against any disease. With vaccines components given unnaturally thru vaccines, the studies are poor in understanding damages that can occur. and the adjuvants in them that can cause adverse reactions, especially in infants, such as encephalitis, seizures, serious site infections and other life-long neurological and autoimmune diseases, not to mention the high incidents of vaccine-induced infant mortality.

The tetanus vaccine is no more effective than any of the others. It also is counterproductive. It will INCREASE, Not Decrease the risk of tetanus, and many people actually get tetanus from the vaccines. Read Link.

Tetus Shot adjuvant: What is in a Tetanus vaccine?
Read Link.

What Unicef is giving is called Neonatal tetanus vaccines. They are not even the standard tetanus shot one gets after stepping on a rusty nail. More info on these.

*So SIGN this petition Today, to help stop this horrific Pampers promotion, and by Banning Pamper's sale of diapers and wipes, and other products.
Below is the link to Protor & Gamble's currant Ad promo running in the media. It offers a Thermometer that tells how these sales are growing, per million.
Tell everyone you know to stop buying Pampers as well. Pass this petition along to any interested Groups you link with. Would like for this to become a very Big anti-promotion campaign.
Proctor & Gamble needs to hear from all of us. Leave your comments if you care to. We need to make a difference NOW, before these 45 million tetanus shots start to be dispersed. Thank YOU!

NOTE: this is not a Debate about vaccines or anything else. If you agree with this petition, Sign IT.
If not, Dont sign and leave negative comments.