Petition Tag - opiates

1. Stop taking away pain medicine from people with chronic pain!

Just because there are people who abuse pain meds does not mean people with chronic pain who need these meds to function and have quality of life, should have to suffer. Cancer patients, chronic pancreatitis, arthritis, etc. are being treated like addicts and they have enough problems to deal with. PLEASE SIGN IF YOU WANT RELIEF FOR THESE PEOPLE! It's causing the ones with chronic pain to think their only action is suicide!

2. High Hopes "Addiction and our Youth"

Drugs and Addiction are on a rise in our communities, the youth in our neighborghoods need to be well educated on this epidemic that is running rampid through our streets. Family,friends and our communities are being impacted daily by this disease and the destruction and devistation it is causing.

I believe it starts with our children, our children need to be educated more and more in the classroom and at home. We can make a difference, as a community we need to fight the war on drugs even if its just by instilling in our children the effects caused by these drugs that our circulating in our schools,street corners or even within their circle of friends.

Let's put un the effort and fight for our schools to enact more available resources and education in our districts and classrooms, while most district make available D.A.R.E I do not feel as though it is enough, our youth need drug awerness education annually, monthy and even weekly, whatever it takes.

If we can save one, ten or even thirty its a difference, it's a start. We talk vigorously always that we want to change but thats all it ever is, just talk. Let's be the voice,the action and change. It takes a community to come together for change to occur. They say, if you want to change the world start with the children.

Let's ask our schools for to make available more drug and addiction claasses,rallies and even seminars. Let's bring in speakers such as addicts present and past, videos on withdraw and the short and long term effects of what addiction and drugs do. Lets hear from family members who have lost children, husbands,mothers and loved ones.

Let's hear from addicts and their lives on the streets, not just a text book outline but what real life situations of drug use are, front seat education. Lets start with our kids, help petition our schools for more education on drug use and addiction. It starts with one voice, let's be that voice!